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The Best Crowd-Sourced Productivity Tips

And the ones I can't wait to try.
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I manage to get a lot done on any given day (being productive helps with my anxiety), but I'd never go as far as calling myself efficient. In fact, my procrastination is so staggering that my senior year in college I had to cancel plans for Spring Break and stay behind to start my thesis everyone else had completed. Since then I haven't made much progress, so when I hear of a productivity tip that isn't overwhelming/paralyzing, I'm all ears.

One of my friends, who's particularly good at managing her time and schedule, shared some wisdom with me recently that I then re-told on Instgram stories. The idea is simple: each week, aside from your daily to-do list, finish one larger thing you've been meaning to tackle. It can be as small as dropping off dry cleaning, paying outstanding bills, or making a return, but pick one thing each week and stick to it. To test it out, I booked three appointments I'd been putting off – the entire process took less than 15 minutes and it felt so great to cross it off my list. After I found such success with another person's productivity tip, I opened it up to all of you and the advice I received was so incredible (thank you!) that I corralled them all below. I hope you find them as useful as me.

  • Do something fun after completing a task.

  • Organize your to-do list by estimated time it’ll take. Tackle two shorties before one longer task.

  • “Eat the frog” aka get the thing you want to do LEAST out of the way FIRST!*

  • Trouble starting? Set a quick timer for 10-20 minutes (or a short podcast) and aim for one task.*

  • At EOD, write your goals for the next day (including personal ones). Highlight top priority vs. nice to haves.

  • Say to yourself to do this task or errand now as your future self will thank you when you’re tired.

  • On Fridays, complete the sentence “this week will be successful if…”

  • Cleaning schedule. Do a little bit each day! And only cook three to four meals per week.

  • Go to Costco (or any other grocery store of your choosing) right when they open, and organize your grocery list beforehand in the order of the store aisles.

  • No phone or on do not disturb when you have hard deadlines.

  • Have a day-to-day to do list and a separate week-to-week to do list.

  • Make a list of errands and go in order (I'll often write numbers next to the list so I know which things to tackle first).*

  • Give yourself a time limit. For example, "I will be productive for x minutes, then I can have a break."*

  • If it will take less than five minutes, do it right away!*

  • Write out your itemized list based on urgency – from important to least important.*

  • Dry erase weekly and monthly calendars on the fridge. Also add fun things to do!

  • Time/cal blocking. Sunday meal plan, Monday groceries, emails and calls 10-12pm

  • Adopt the mindset of “less thinking, more doing.” Try to cut out all the dread and just do.*

  • Batch responses to people! Emails, text messages and phone calls two times per day.*

  • “Happier Podcast” has lots of life hacks!

  • Verbalize your intentions to yourself for daily productivity each morning first thing.

  • It’s better to start or do PART of something than to wait to do it perfectly (also a great anxiety tip).*

  • Become a fan of lists and breaking them into categories, like home, health, kids, personal, and school.*

  • Meditate in the morning.

  • Write down your “next three things” to do at a time as you go so you don’t feel overwhelmed by a huge list.

  • Tackle one hard thing a month and reward yourself with something you love, even if it’s little.

  • Sunday goal setting for the week. Set a personal and work goal - helps curb the Sunday Scaries.*

  • Pomodoro technique (lots of responses about this!).

  • Take a walk, hike, or run to reset.

*Tips I use or plan on trying

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.