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Moving Update: How We're Planning on Celebrating the Holidays

I initially thought it was the worst time to move... but it turned out to be the best.
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When we first found out we would be moving around the holidays, I thought the timing couldn't be any worse. Not only is this the busiest time of the year socially and professionally, but we also learned we'd be impeded from celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving in addition to Christmas.

Our house went on the market a few weeks before Halloween, and our Realtor advised us that it should be a blank slate so that the potential buyers could envision themselves there... which meant no Halloween decorations (anyone who's been reading this blog long enough knows how difficult that was for me!). Because we didn't know how long it would take for the house to sell, we also opted against hosting Thanksgiving as we usually do. And now, we're in the midst of unpacking a week before Christmas. Through it all, though, I've come around to the idea that there's actually no better time to move than the holidays

Our first order of business, besides getting Sloan set up in her room, was to get the house feeling festive, warm, and cozy. Even though we have yet to empty every box, we've already set up our tree, put up lights, and started burning pine-scented candles (this one's my favorite) which immediately made us feel right at home. 

Best of all, we now have a couple of weeks off with very few plans outside of getting settled. My parents will be arriving in a few days, and I can't wait for our first homemade meals with them in the new house (we start construction on the kitchen in the new year, but have access to it for now), drinking by the fire, and just taking time to feel grateful for this exciting new chapter. 

While we've done some initial work on the house, mainly re-staining the floors, painting, and redoing the fireplaces, the bulk of our work will happen in what I'm calling 'Phase Two,' in early January. It'll be a little chaotic living through it, but the plans that our designer Katie Hodges has for our kitchen keep me up at night I'm so excited. I know that the slower pace of the holidays will prepare us for the hectic moments ahead. 

For now, when G and I arrive home, the first thing we see is the tree glistening, welcoming us in. I look forward to decorating gingerbread houses with Sloan, making a Buche de Noel (recipe is from my friend Rachel's blog!), and sitting in the kitchen with a glass of wine while my dad makes his bouillabaisse on Christmas Eve and G makes duck on Christmas Day. Happy holidays, however you're celebrating! x


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.