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Where We're Taking Our Big International Trip This Summer

Sloan's first trip to Europe...
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In just a few short weeks, G and I are headed on our first international trip with Sloan (!). It feels a bit like a dream to even write that we're flying to the Netherlands, then Italy. I was 28 the first time I went to Europe, for G and my honeymoon, and feel so incredibly lucky that we get to show Sloan the world at such a young age.

For the first few days, we'll be in Amsterdam. Sloan's excited for the pancakes, and I'm looking forward to seeing Anne Frank's House, a place I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. From there, we head to Tuscany, where we're renting a house with friends and their kids. We'll be spending two weeks hanging out, walking into town, cooking, and drinking Aperol Spritzes by the pool. The town we're staying in happens to be very close to Siena, where G and I spent a portion of our honeymoon. We've already arranged for our friends to watch Sloan for an evening to seek-out the restaurant where we had the best meal of our lives (I wrote about it here). On our way home, we'll be stopping in Florence for a quick visit!

This will be our first big trip with Sloan, and I'm feeling remarkably calm about it (at least in this moment). I've heard kids adjust to jet-lag even easier than adults do, and I'm excited to experience Europe through her eyes, and finally have the opportunity to use my friend Kelly's guide.

Outside of eating our weight in pizza and pasta, I'd be so appreciative of any tips for traveling with kids and recommendations for our time in Tuscany! Please share in the comments below! x


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.