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Everything I'm Buying (and Eyeing) for Our Trip to Italy Next Week

From the prettiest smocked top to a splurge-worthy accessory.
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In just a week and a half, G and I leave for our trip to Amsterdam followed by two weeks in Italy so I've been doing some pre-packing preparation by filling the holes in my closet with some much-needed (and wanted) travel pieces. Here are the swimsuits, slides, and dresses I'm ordering in preparation for our trip, in the hopes they inspire your own summer vacation: 

Leopard bikini top and high-waisted bottoms: I love the idea of a traditionally "sexy" print done in a way that isn't too over-the-top. I wore this brand years ago and after my stark white bikini looked less than fresh after several years of going in and out of pools, it's finally time to replace my beloved suit. The high-waisted bottoms are a nice balance to the more revealing top and it'll look great with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

Cat-eye sunglasses: Speaking of sunglasses, here are the ones I just purchased. They're classic and chic, but with a slightly modern twist. Also, how good will they look when worn with a monochromatic outfit, gold hoops, and a head scarf?

Bright poppy lipstick (NARS 'Famous Red'): My friend Ashley put this on after dinner the other night and I nearly threw myself across the table to take down the name, it's that good. It glides on beautifully (she did it sans mirror) and the color is a bright poppy reddish pink that made her face instantly light up.

Black strappy sandals: I could never get behind the Teva trend, but these sandals feel like a subtle nod to the vibe without the velcro. They're versatile and chic, but have a sporty vibe that would work just as well with a printed midi as they would cut-offs and a loose tee. 

Navy tunic: Tunics are oddly hard to find—they're either very oversized, exorbitantly expensive or so print-heavy that they look too busy. This one is exactly what I want. It has enough details to make it feel special without being too over-the-top.

Floppy straw hat: Since a lot of time will be spent by the pool, an oversized hat is key. I want one that covers my entire face, looks put together, but also isn't too expensive since it will most likely get wet and/or crushed by the time we leave. This one is under $50, but doesn't look like it.

Printed maxi dress: I love pieces that require very little additional effort to make them look cool and this maxi dress fits the bill. I'd belt it with a bag around my waist and throw on big sunglasses to complete the look.

Scrunchie scarf: Okay hear me out—this scrunchie scarf is not exactly affordable, but think about how many bad hair days can be rescued with this piece? My friend has the headband version and every time she wears it, I compliment just how good she looks. It's on sale, so I'm finally biting the bullet.

Navy suit: A one-piece that's both simple and sophisticated. I discovered this brand last year before our trip to Hawaii and it's easily my favorite go-to. The side cut-outs on this one look as though they'd be really flattering. 

Wrap dress: When I think of my most fashionable self in Italy, I'm wearing this dress, with a hint of a tan, a bright lip (see above), air-dried hair, and bare feet. It's effortless and anything by Ganni also ensures it will be perfectly cut.

Denim jacket: The weather will be hot when we're there, but the nights are known to get a little chilly. This denim jacket is juuuust distressed enough and the slightly oversized cut makes it the ideal piece to offset sweeter dresses.

Smocked Blouse: I know I'll be living in my Agolde cut-offs, and for those times when I want to make them slightly less casual, I'll be adding a top like this. I'm a sucker for blouses with a puffy sleeve and a smocked bodice and it doesn't hurt that this one has darling eyelet details as well.

Linen top and pant: A coordinating linen set is the epitome of carefree summer chic. It's breathable and light and I love the slightly unexpected color.

Off-the-shoulder dress: Since we're traveling with other friends, we plan on slipping out for one date night while in Tuscany. I envision myself with a bun at the nape of my neck, a light pink lip gloss, and this off-the-shoulder dress in the prettiest floral print. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.