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The Practical Girls' Guide to Packing For a Ski Trip

Plus my favorite tricks for staying warm while skiing.
Hiking to my favorite slope at home last year

Hiking to my favorite slope at home last year

Growing up in Reno, Nevada meant skiing was always an important part of my life. Middle school and high school were filled with daily 4 A.M. wake-ups for ski team, weekends were spent with friends on the local mountain, and afternoon classes got out early so we could catch at least a few runs in the afternoon. (It was heaven.) Since leaving home eight years ago, I've had to get a bit more creative about how I fit skiing into my life. Instead of throwing my skis into the car and driving ten minutes to the mountain, I have to plan, budget, and carefully pack so I can make the most of my few days in the snow each year. Tonight I'm catching a flight to Park City, Utah for a three-day ski weekend with friends, so I thought I'd share some of my tips for packing for a successful ski trip! Read on for my tips below, and be sure to share your can't miss Park City tips in the comments:

Skiing with girlfriends last year in Reno (I'm in about 50 layers on the left)

Skiing with girlfriends last year in Reno (I'm in about 50 layers on the left)


Skis and Boots: If you ski once every two years, I highly recommend purchasing a pair of skis, as they quickly pay for themselves (renting is expensive!). My skis are twin-tip Roxy Rossignols I purchased used fifteen years ago. I've taken care of them by getting my edges sharpened and waxing them each season, so I'm hoping to have them for another fifteen! Boots are worth replacing every few years—the lining can wear out, and they become uncomfortable and cold! 
Poles: You can pretty much use any poles, the brand doesn't make a huge difference, so buy these used! 
Ski Bag: I purchased this ski bag from Amazon as soon as I moved away from home, so that I'm able to safely transport them on airplanes! 
Helmet: Don't be too cool—wear a helmet! I actually love my cherry-red helmet because it's easy for my friends to spot me... even though I'm sure I could look chicer in the lift line.
Goggles: When in doubt, splurge on the good pair that keeps your eyes protected, and won't fog up. Though I have this $25 pair from bollé and love them... 

Ski Clothing

The key to skiing warm is in layering! You can ski in literally anything—a blizzard, ice storm, you name it—as long as you have the proper equipment. I start with a base layer, then load up from there depending on how cold it is. Here's what I'm bringing for three days of skiing:

3 sports bras
3 tank tops: You always want to start with a tank top so you have the option of stripping down to it, in case it's hot in the lodge! I've stocked up on this one from Madewell in black, white, and olive green—it's my favorite, all-purpose tank!
3 turtlenecks: Because my parka and helmet are decidedly uncool, I like to wear something cute or subtle underneath, for post-ski beers in the lodge. I'm packing this striped turtleneck, as well as two other black cotton turtlenecks
V-neck jacket: In case it's below 30° F, I bring an additional V-neck layer to wear on top of my turtleneck. 
Ear and neck warmer: I'm a firm believer you can ski in any weather, as long as you have a neck warmer you can pull over your face when you get cold. Mine's a million years old, but I love this option from Shopbop. 
Parka: I wear a cherry-red parka so I'm easy to spot (by friends, and in case of emergencies), but the most important thing here is to buy something warm! I'm a fan of The North Face's parkas.
3 pairs leggings: Here's a secret—you don't need to purchase long underwear. Just wear your favorite pair of leggings (I love these)! They're often warmer, plus you can tread around the house in the morning, without looking silly. 
Ski pants
3 pairs of ski socks: These are my favorite!

Aprés Ski

Sweater: Because I'm already packing so many things for skiing during the day, I'm keeping my aprés ski 'look' pretty simple, with two sweaters I can alternate between. I'm wearing this option from Heartloom on the plane and packing this white sweater (which is pretty much the softest thing I've ever touched) so I can wear it to dinner with a bold red lip.
Jeans: The only jeans I'm packing are the ones I'm wearing on the plane there—these distressed black jeans from Madewell
Cute sweat pant set: Last year, we sold star leggings from Sundry on the Shop that I was so obsessed with, I bought extra pairs for my girlfriends. Following Emily's tip on having a 'matching moment' on a girls' trip, we're bringing our matching sets for a coordinated pajama party!
Sneakers: Bring something you can slip into in the lodge, post skiing! Your tired feet will thank you. I'm bringing my trusty pair of Nike Janofskis, which are my go-to shoe for any travel. 
Slippers: This may feel like a luxury when you're packing, but you'll be so happy you brought them for chilly mornings and evenings in your hotel or cabin. I've had this pair for years, and love them! 
Bathing suit:
Second only to an ice-cold beer is the pure joy of a hot tub after skiing! I'm bringing a sleek black one-piece. (Don't forget to jump in the snow, then jump back into the hot tub—the best!)
Winter accessories: I'm also packing cashmere gloves, an off-slopes ear warmer, and beanie! 

Winter Skincare

In addition to my regular cosmetics, I'm bringing a few winter-specific products to help my skin survive the bright sun and wind rash on the slopes: COOLA Sport Stick in SPF 50 (so I can reapply it to my cheeks on the slopes), Zoe Organics Skin Balm (planning on applying this before and after skiing, to help protect and heal), Lip Jao Baume Pour Les Levres lip balm (contains zinc, so it's sunscreen for my lips!), Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift (I've never tried an eye mask, but going to give the delicate areas of my face a little extra love this weekend), and a Bat Eye Mask (I bought enough for myself and girlfriends, just for fun!)

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and comment with your Park City tips!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.