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The 14 Beauty Products I Pack Every Time I Travel

How I've pared down my routine to the bare essentials.
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For most of my life, I've been a "more is more" kind of gal, especially when it comes to packing. Growing up, my family traveled with a minimum of five checked bags, no matter the destination or length of the trip. 

I've since seen the light – as in, the benefits of packing light. With certain categories it's tougher (I always wind up including three extra outfits than I actually need), but I recently pared down my makeup bag to the items that work for every single trip, no matter where I'm traveling or what the occasion is. Below, I've listed the only 14 beauty products I bring with me when I'm traveling:


Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen: One of my top priorities is sun protection, and I love the Glow Stick because it's SPF 50, compact (I can slip it in my purse when I leave for the day and reapply), and spill-proof. I apply it to my face, hairline, neck, and chest.

bareMinerals Precision Face Brush: After many iterations of makeup brushes, I've found a winner. My foundation is always applied evenly, and I find that it's a bit more precise than a kabuki brush, which is what I owned previously. The bristles are suuuuper soft, and it's very easy to clean. 

bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation in Fairly Medium: I've used this powder foundation since high school, and it's never let me down. This shade is identical to my skin tone, so I have no plans to ever abandon it. I love the matte finish, and it adds an additional layer of SPF 15 to my face.

bareMinerals Barepro Concealer: Concealer has recently entered my life, and now I can't live without it. It hides any dark circles from jet lag, evens out any redness, and helps correct blemishes that inevitably occur while traveling. This one is super creamy and blends easily.

beautyblender: When I first added the concealer to my routine, I was applying it with my fingers. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. A slightly damp beautyblender makes my concealer and Cloud Paint look flawless and natural, and keeps the oils from my fingers off of my face. 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk: Finally, I apply a very tiny amount of Cloud Paint to the other end of my beautyblender and tap it on to my cheekbones and down the length of my nose. I've also had it double as a subtle eyeshadow or lip tint if I'm looking to switch it up.

Earth Tu Face Face Skin Stick: A friend of mine let me borrow her Skin Stick two years ago and it's now the only essential lip balm I take with me wherever I go. It can also be used to heal any skin dryness, as an under-eye moisturizer, or to soften your cuticles. This stuff smells incredible (it has notes of vetiver and geranium) and the tag-board tube is made up of 80% recycled paper and is completely biodegradable and compostable. I swipe it on my lips and transfer it to my purse in case of emergencies.


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: My trusty eyelash curler has been with me since 2014 (I bought it in 2014 during my trip to Tokyo). I don't apply mascara without using it first.

Supergoop! Shimmershade in Sunset: I wrote about Shimmershade in a previous post, but this is my favorite eyeshadow of all time. It builds nicely, makes my green eyes pop, adds the perfect amount of shimmer, and it also has SPF 30, so it protects my eyelids from sun exposure.

Sephora Pro Tapered Crease #19 Eyeshadow Brush: This was an impulse purchase at Sephora, and it wound up being exactly what I needed: just a basic and affordable eyeshadow brush.

Lancôme Cils Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer: I have no proof that this actually protects or strengthens my lashes, but I feel better adding a primer every day and conditioning them (I've also found that it limits any "turn over" period where you feel like your lashes have become sparse as they're regrowing!). 

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara: I alternate between ILIA and Glossier mascara, but I find ILIA's to be way more buildable. My lashes always look long with even a single swipe, but if I'm heading to a wedding or more formal event, I can apply a few layers for a more dramatic look. 


Tweezerman Slant Tweezer: Thankfully, tweezers are admitted in a carry-on, because I never leave for an extended period of time without them. I only tweeze sparingly below my brows, but if I didn't have them on hand, I might return home with a slight unibrow.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in Neutral Deep Brown: If you've ever seen my face on the Shop Instagram, you'll notice that I was blessed with a lot of brow. And while I'm extremely grateful for them (and to live in a time where they're appreciated!), they're coarse and a bit unruly. I'm personally a huge fan of this brow gel since it gives them a subtle tint and manages to keep them in place for the entire day.

In case you were curious, here's an unfiltered look at my makeup on a typical day of traveling!


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.