Our Team's 37 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink in Los Angeles

Some of these recommendations are so good, we almost didn't want to share...
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Image via Flowerboy Project

Image via Flowerboy Project

We spend a lot of time talking about food in the office. If anyone's visited a new restaurant the evening before a work day, it's a safe bet we'll spend thirty minutes talking about it the next morning—and getting their order recommendations. Even a suggestion that we order Thai food into the office will result in an office-wide debate over the best options (Emily and Geoffrey are firmly for Luv 2 Eat Thai in Hollywood, for the record). Here are each of our top food and drink recommendations:

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Emily needs no introduction. She's our fearless leader and author of some of our all-time favorite guides to L.A. Few things make her happier than a dry martini and really good sour candy (preferably in rapid succession). 

Best place for a martini and a meal: South Beverly Grill
Favorite dish in town: Chicken Parmesan at Vernetti's
Go-to restaurant to order take-out from: Luv 2 Eat Thai
Spots I've been to more than any other: Jon and Vinny's and Son of a Gun
Worth driving to the West Side for brunch: Great White
The best baked goods in town: Proof

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Though Leslie cooks at home most weeknights, she spends a good portion of her weekends eating out. You'll usually find her at brunch in her neighborhood, Echo Park, checking out a new taco stand (Jonah made an app for finding them), or grabbing a sandwich pre-hike in Angeles National Forest.

Best place to start a Sunday: La Colombe in Frog Town (followed by a walk along the L.A. river to the Atwater Village Farmer's Market, past another favorite: Spoke)
A must for gourmet groceries: Cookbook
Second best sandwich you'll ever have: Wax Paper (the first are the daily seasonal sandwiches at Cookbook)
Best street taco: 1986 Taco, Sonoratown, or Burritos La Palma (though you can find a list of our 95 favorite tacos in Jonah's app!)
Weeknight, locals-only dinner on the Eastside: Night + Market Song, All Time, or Freedman's
Go-to for healthy takeout: Palette


Jess is a New York City transplant (did you see her guide?), but don't be fooled: She was born and raised in this city and has a natural ability for sniffing out the coolest locals-only spots.

Best-kept secret only locals know: Gjusta is packed on weekend mornings, but essentially empty on weeknights
Favorite farmers' market: Santa Monica (though you'll usually find me at Brentwood for ease)
Most romantic date night spot: Felix
Best place to "work from home:" Deus Ex Machina Cafe
The most LA grocery store of all time: Erewhon
If you're doing it for the 'gram: Cha Cha Matcha or Flowerboy Project
Best spot on a beautiful day: Superba Food + Bread, or pick up a sandwich from Bay Cities and walk to the beach


Anne has an uncanny ability for discovering the best under-the-radar spots with her husband (and their adorable French Bulldog, Chub Chub). Any recommendation of hers is bound to be your new favorite place: 

Best People Watching Patio + Margaritas: Salazar
An Under-the-Radar French Bistro: Papilles
If You Want to Truly Treat Yourself (i.e., order almost the entire menu): Otoño
Best Spot for a Doggie Date: Go Get 'Em Tiger and Tripple Beam Pizza patio
Strip Mall Sushi Gem (and yes, maybe spot a celeb!): Shintaro
Best Oysters, If That's Your Thing: L & E Oyster Bar


Kelly, a six-year Westside veteran and mom of our favorite husky and office mascot, Alexa, has a keen eye for dog-friendly spots and casual weekend fare. She's your girl if you're looking for a good brewery or donut spot.

Best dog-friendly brewery: Boomtown Brewery (it's downtown, but worth the drive!)
Splurge-worthy dinner: Rustic Canyon
Weeknight, locals-only dinner: Broxton Brewery (with Alexa, of course) 
Favorite place to order a coffee: Bondi Harvest
Best no-frills brewery: Santa Monica Brew Works
Best donuts on the Westside: DK's Donuts

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Although Katie's a relative newcomer to L.A., she's fully embraced her Central L.A. neighborhood, which is just the right mix of classic, yet trendy. Though Koreatown karaoke and street tacos are her go-to, she's no stranger to French cuisine (she lived in Paris for a year!).

Elevated, to-go burrito: Tacos Tu Madre 
Best French brunch, no flight needed: Republique 
Date night, with emphasis on the food: Bavel
Romantic restaurant that feels outside of LA: Petit Trois
Late night cocktails and karaoke: Soopsok
When you want to Instagram your dessert: Somi Somi 

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