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Our Team's 37 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink in Los Angeles

Some of these recommendations are so good, we almost didn't want to share...
Image via Flowerboy Project

Image via Flowerboy Project

We spend a lot of time talking about food in the office. If anyone's visited a new restaurant the evening before a work day, it's a safe bet we'll spend thirty minutes talking about it the next morning—and getting their order recommendations. Even a suggestion that we order Thai food into the office will result in an office-wide debate over the best options (Emily and Geoffrey are firmly for Luv 2 Eat Thai in Hollywood, for the record). Here are each of our top food and drink recommendations:

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Emily needs no introduction. She's our fearless leader and author of some of our all-time favorite guides to L.A. Few things make her happier than a dry martini and really good sour candy (preferably in rapid succession). 

Best place for a martini and a meal: South Beverly Grill
Favorite dish in town: Chicken Parmesan at Vernetti's
Go-to restaurant to order take-out from: Luv 2 Eat Thai
Spots I've been to more than any other: Jon and Vinny's and Son of a Gun
Worth driving to the West Side for brunch: Great White
The best baked goods in town: Proof

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Though Leslie cooks at home most weeknights, she spends a good portion of her weekends eating out. You'll usually find her at brunch in her neighborhood, Echo Park, checking out a new taco stand (Jonah made an app for finding them), or grabbing a sandwich pre-hike in Angeles National Forest.

Best place to start a Sunday: La Colombe in Frog Town (followed by a walk along the L.A. river to the Atwater Village Farmer's Market, past another favorite: Spoke)
A must for gourmet groceries: Cookbook
Second best sandwich you'll ever have: Wax Paper (the first are the daily seasonal sandwiches at Cookbook)
Best street taco: 1986 Taco, Sonoratown, or Burritos La Palma (though you can find a list of our 95 favorite tacos in Jonah's app!)
Weeknight, locals-only dinner on the Eastside: Night + Market Song, All Time, or Freedman's
Go-to for healthy takeout: Palette


Jess is a New York City transplant (did you see her guide?), but don't be fooled: She was born and raised in this city and has a natural ability for sniffing out the coolest locals-only spots.

Best-kept secret only locals know: Gjusta is packed on weekend mornings, but essentially empty on weeknights
Favorite farmers' market: Santa Monica (though you'll usually find me at Brentwood for ease)
Most romantic date night spot: Felix
Best place to "work from home:" Deus Ex Machina Cafe
The most LA grocery store of all time: Erewhon
If you're doing it for the 'gram: Cha Cha Matcha or Flowerboy Project
Best spot on a beautiful day: Superba Food + Bread, or pick up a sandwich from Bay Cities and walk to the beach


Anne has an uncanny ability for discovering the best under-the-radar spots with her husband (and their adorable French Bulldog, Chub Chub). Any recommendation of hers is bound to be your new favorite place: 

Best People Watching Patio + Margaritas: Salazar
An Under-the-Radar French Bistro: Papilles
If You Want to Truly Treat Yourself (i.e., order almost the entire menu): Otoño
Best Spot for a Doggie Date: Go Get 'Em Tiger and Tripple Beam Pizza patio
Strip Mall Sushi Gem (and yes, maybe spot a celeb!): Shintaro
Best Oysters, If That's Your Thing: L & E Oyster Bar


Kelly, a six-year Westside veteran and mom of our favorite husky and office mascot, Alexa, has a keen eye for dog-friendly spots and casual weekend fare. She's your girl if you're looking for a good brewery or donut spot.

Best dog-friendly brewery: Boomtown Brewery (it's downtown, but worth the drive!)
Splurge-worthy dinner: Rustic Canyon
Weeknight, locals-only dinner: Broxton Brewery (with Alexa, of course) 
Favorite place to order a coffee: Bondi Harvest
Best no-frills brewery: Santa Monica Brew Works
Best donuts on the Westside: DK's Donuts

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Although Katie's a relative newcomer to L.A., she's fully embraced her Central L.A. neighborhood, which is just the right mix of classic, yet trendy. Though Koreatown karaoke and street tacos are her go-to, she's no stranger to French cuisine (she lived in Paris for a year!).

Elevated, to-go burrito: Tacos Tu Madre 
Best French brunch, no flight needed: Republique 
Date night, with emphasis on the food: Bavel
Romantic restaurant that feels outside of LA: Petit Trois
Late night cocktails and karaoke: Soopsok
When you want to Instagram your dessert: Somi Somi 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.