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Our Plans and Everything I Packed for Our Trip to Italy

Two weeks in Rome and Tuscany!
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Today we're leaving for a fifteen-day trip to Rome and Tuscany! As you may remember, we visited Tuscany with friends two years ago, and enjoyed it so much, we vowed to make it an annual (or, rather, almost annual) summer vacation. Our plans look much the same as last time—we're kicking off the trip with a visit to a city (in this case, Rome), then staying in the same house we did two years ago, which has a pool for the kids and breathtaking views of the countryside, just a quick drive from Pienza. In packing for this year's trip, I had a much better idea of what I'd need, but will be the first to admit just how much I'm overpacking. After being at home for so long, I can't wait for multiple outfit changes a day, and the opportunity to wear flowy dresses in Rome, and a rotation of effortless coverups in Tuscany. Below are some of our plans, and everything I packed for this year's trip to Italy:

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We're kicking off our trip to Italy with a few days in Rome, with our friends that have a daughter Sloan's age. While there, our plans are primarily to eat pasta, drink wine, and indulge in gelato, based on an itinerary that was primarily G's doing. Although I plan and have so much control over my daily life at home, I'm grateful to be married to someone who's exceptionally good at planning trips so I can just show up. I trust G implicitly, and that he will pick the best places to stop in for a hole-in-the-wall glass of wine on a terrace, fried artichokes, or creamy gelato. It'll be fun to go back to another city that G and I visited on our honeymoon. When we went to Florence two years ago, it felt so magical to walk by the twinkling carousel at night, this time with a four-year-old who could enjoy it, and I suspect Rome will feel similar.

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It'll be hot the entire time we're there, so my goal is to wear easy clothes that still look pulled-together. I'm using my carry-on for Rome, and keeping all of the essentials for the first few days of our trip there. 

Nighttime looks are much easier for me since they're slightly fancy dresses. But I struggled with daytime vibes. I initially planned to not pack any separates, until my friend Cristina suggested bringing a pair of cut-offs and a few tees. From there, things snowballed a bit, so I now have two pairs of high-waisted Bermudas, several tees, and entirely too many shoes. But I'm looking forward to putting together looks for our packed days there!

  1. Ganni Seersucker Dress
  2. 9Seed Calftan 
  3. Rachel Pally Black Linen Dress
  4. Olivia Rubin Dress
  5. Agolde Cut-Offs and various tees
  6. Hyland Reformation Dress (gifted)
  7. Sheer Ruffled Doen Dress (no longer available)
  8. Beige Linen Bermudas
  9. Black Bermudas
  10. Simple t-shirts
1 copy 3

The idea is to be in a clunky sneaker for most of the time I'm in Rome (these sneakers actually have more swipe-ups than anything I've ever posted on Instagram). They have support but still look cool, and then I'll change into gauzy dresses and sandals at night. I fully realize that four pairs of shoes for three days is absolutely ridiculous... this would be what I was referring to above when I said I overpacked!

  1. Nike Sneakers
  2. Golden Goose Sneakers
  3. Camilla Elphick Slides (similar here).

  4. Beatrice Valenzuela Slides (affordable version here)

For bags, I'm bringing my Theory Belt Bag (similar here), which I love for city travel.

1 copy

We're going to be almost completely recreating our trip from two years ago, with 18 people total (ten vaccinated parents, and eight kids around Sloan's age, all of whom will of course be tested before arriving!). The amazing thing about getting to this house is it feels like time stands still when we're there. It also reminds me of my childhood, in the sense of summer days spent in and out of the pool, staying up too late, and playing tag in the dark. It feels so liberating and lovely that we can offer that to our kid in this day and age. I think we have two plans the entire time we're there—to go into town (Pienza) for dinner, where we'll eat outside in a gorgeous garden. And one day, the moms are going to venture to the outlets near Florence, where we did damage two years ago.

Most days are incredibly flexible. There's a chef at the house who prepares breakfast and dinner, so we wake up to a spread of Italian yogurts, fruit from the garden, pastries, eggs, and endless cups of coffee. And then it's choose-your-own-adventure: A few adults will go to the pool with the kids, and Mahjong starts mid-morning outside on the terrace (in the afternoon, we'll play it with Aperol Spritzes at hand). The rest of the day, I'll likely be ignoring our friends to find Olympics coverage (half-kidding!). Among this, there will be trips into town to pick up fresh cheeses and groceries, but for the most part, it's lovely to be disconnected—to eat pasta with Sloan in our wet bathing suits, to take afternoon naps, and shower and dress for dinner to celebrate the end to each day.

1 copy 5

We may be barefoot and have wet hair from our afternoon showers, but everyone gets dressed for dinner, so I'll be bringing a number of long dresses:

  1. Black Reformation Dress (gifted)
  2. Hyland Reformation Dress (gifted)
  3. Veronica Beard Dress
  4. Honorine Colette dress (gifted)
  5. Doen Dress (no longer available)
1 copy 6

We had two thematic nights last year, with "Pastels in Pienza" and a fancy final night, that we loved so much, we added more. I started packing by planning these out, then building from there. Here's where I landed: 

Pinks in Pienza: Ganni Dress
Pastels in Pienza: ASTR The Label Angeles Cutout Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
Black or White Night: Hyland Reformation Dress

1 copy 7

During the day I'm almost always in a bathing suit with some sort of coverup (I find that coverups are much more comfortable because of the amount we're eating and drinking). In past years, I used to have coverups I'd use exclusively at the pool or beach, but it's now my preferred loungewear during summers in L.A. Here are a few coverups, daily clothes, and swimsuits I'm bringing:

Coverups + Daily Wear:

  1. Honorine Elodie Dress (gifted)
  2. 9Seed Coverup (I got so many questions about this when I wore it to Cabo last month!) 
  3. Ganni Sweatshirt and Sweatshorts
  4. J.Crew Linen Button-Down Short Set
  5. Doen Set (similar here)
  6. 9Seed Caftan


  1. Kikirio bikini
  2. Montce Bikini
  3. Hunza G Swimsuit
1 copy 8

Part of what makes our jewelry so fun is how many pieces mix and match beautifully. I'm packing dainty earrings, in case I want to create an ear party, and a bigger hoop as an option for nighttime. I'll be bringing it all in the cute carrying cases we have, which are perfect for travel so you can see everything in them. 


  1. Amelia
  2. Liya
  3. Lana
  4. Scarlett
  5. Colette
  6. Kaia
  7. Calypso
  8. Opal Lariat Necklace


  1. Staud Liz Sandal in 'Rust'
  2. Nike Sneakers
  3. Golden Goose Sneakers
  4. Camilla Elphick Slides (similar here).
  5. Beatrice Valenzuela Slides (affordable version here)
  6. Newbark Sandals (second-hand available here)
  7. Jenni Kayne Sandals
  8. Clergerie slides (similar style here and affordable option here)
  9. Beatrice Valenzuela Slides (affordable version here)
  10. By Far Sandals (the only heal I'm bringing)  


  1. UO Carson Chunky Sunglasses
  2. UO Kimbra Rounded Edge Sunglasses
  3. UO Clover Slim Oval Sunglasses


  1. Your Stylist Says Hat
  2. UO Dodger's Hat (for using by the poolside!)


  1. Kate Spade Knott Bag
  2. Theory Belt Bag (similar here)
  3. Black Beaded Bag from the Shop
  4. J.Crew Montauk tote (as my carryon)
  5. Stoney Clover Lane bags for corralling makeup (more on that below!)
  6. Las Bayadas clutch
1 copy 9

I'll be corralling all of my makeup, skincare, and hair and jewelry in three Stoney Clover Lane bags. Here's what's in each:

Bag 1: Makeup. I'm bringing all of the products I wear on a day-to-day basis. I'll most likely be wearing my Supergoop Glowscreen or Tula sunscreen each as a base, then adding some Bare Minerals bronzer drops to look glowy and going heavy on Glossier Cloud Paint in 'Haze' and Dehiya's 'The Halo Effect.'

Bag 2: Skincare, etc. One bag will be dedicated to miscellaneous skincare, like my serum, lotion, hand sanitizer, makeup remover, small perfumes (including the two that we carry in the Shop, from 11 11 and MLM No. 4!), Peter Thomas Roth eye patches, and Tan Towels, which give you a little glow without having to harm your skin in the sun. 

Bag 3: Hair Accessories and Jewelry. For hair, I'm going to continue going the air-dried route. I'm bringing shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream from Olaplex, which I love for taming my frizzy hair. I'll also be bringing an assortment of fun scrunchies from the Shop and Jennifer Behr headbands, because I find they're such an easy way to look pulled-together, even at the pool. 


At this point, my strategy will primarily be "anything that's cleanish." We have the ability to do laundry at the house, but I have one pretty little dress that I'll keep on hand for our final days in Rome, just in case! It's this option from Reformation. 


And with all that, we're off! You can check out our last trip to Italy here, and watch this year's trip unfold on Instagram! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.