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Our Favorite Items We Always Bring on Vacation

You can guarantee you'll find these in our suitcases.

On a recent team call, we began sharing our travel essentials, from our favorite suitcases, noise-cancelling headphones, and dopp kits. It became clear that our allegiances to these products were strong, and we thought it would be worth sharing with anyone who has upcoming summer trips and could use recommendations to make their experiences just a bit more seamless.

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1. Classic Leather Zipper Tote: My Cuyana tote (which I have monogrammed to make me feel 10x chicer) is, hands down, my favorite travel companion. It's deceptively roomy without looking bulky and I love that it has a zipper along the top to keep its contents from spilling all over the airplane floor. It has a small pocket on the inside to hold things that I'd normally misplace (i.e. lip balm, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, etc.) and since it's made of pebbled leather, it looks even better today than it did when I purchased it nearly a decade ago.

2. Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones: I'm a pretty anxious flyer, so my noise cancelling headphones make a big difference in terms of my mental state while 35,000 feet in the air. As soon as I walk onto the plane (when I'm not with Sloan), I turn them on so that I miss out on all the commotion around me. Once I'm in my seat, I'll turn on soothing music and I barely register when we take off. I also find myself reaching for them much more frequently these days given how my office is now located inside my home and they instantly transport me to a much more meditative state.

3. Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil: It's a small thing, but I find that whenever I forget to pack fragrance while traveling, I never feel entirely like myself. I discovered this perfume oil after having burned the candle in the same scent for years and it's just as good (if not better) when worn on your wrists and neck. It's seductive and spicy, makes me less homesick, and always draws compliments from strangers.

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1. Anker 543 Charger: Mine recommendations are boring and practical, but I always bring a multi-port charger for all of our devices. This one is great, since is has USB-A and USB-C, so you charge everything.

2. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones: I also love my wireless, noise-cancelling headphones. Again, pretty obvious choice, but this version from Beats has been my go-to for the past few years.

3. Mint Mentos: Finally, if you get motion sickness, you don't need Dramamine, Mint Mentos will instantly cure you. Not a myth – I took these every time I got carsick on the twisty roads in Tuscany and within seconds, the nausea was gone...but they have to be mint, other flavors don't work.

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1. AirPods: I was (and still am) a Bose headphones enthusiast, but my loyalty shifted the moment I bought myself a pair of AirPods. They're so compact and convenient to travel with, and mine recently lasted the entire five-hour flight from LA to NYC.

2. Common Projects Sneakers: I've owned these shoes for over five years (and have written about them here many times) and they're still my favorite pair to travel with. They're comfortable (or really, really worn-in) enough to rack up quite a few miles in them, they go with nearly every outfit, and don't take up too much room in a carry on. 

3. Doen Fabric Pouches: During a Doen warehouse sale, I ordered two of their pouches made with Liberty London fabric – one for skincare and one for makeup. I love that they can be washed and the Liberty London patterns make my packed suitcase look so. much. chicer.

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1. Away ‘The Bigger Carry-On': I’ve had this carry-on for three years now and I can confidently say I’m in love. From the color (I got ‘Coast’) to the way it rolls smoothly next to me while I walk through the airport, I like everything about it. I don’t use the USB charger very often since you can’t bring the ejectable battery on the plane with you, but it’s nice to have for weekend road trips.

2. Paula’s Choice CLEAR Extra Strength Travel Kit: I’ve been traveling with tiny, ancient Cetaphil bottles I bought from Walgreens in the travel aisle literally forever. The last time I flew to LA, I got a planet-sized zit on my cheek and realized I was in desperate need of a new system. When I realized my new skincare regimen came in travel-size on the Paula’s Choice website, I bought it immediately and will never look back.

3. Beyond Yoga Square Neck Cropped Tank: I don’t remember the last time I was on a plane wearing something other than one of these tank tops. I own it in three different colors, and will probably buy a fourth when an exciting new hue comes out. I *hate* wearing bras on planes, and this cropped tank is absolutely perfect. I typically wear it with yoga pants under a sweatshirt (under a puffy jacket…), or with jeans underneath a white button-up shirt.

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1. Beats Headphones: A friend gifted me a pair last year and they've been an absolute game changer for all my travels since then. Noise canceling AND they connect to the airplane TVs? Can't think of anything better.

2. Neutrogena Makeup Wipes: A simple, yet necessary item I keep in my purse whenever I have a long flight ahead of me. I know I'm not the only person that feels sweaty and grimy after hours of traveling, so wiping my face down with one of these is crucial to feeling somewhat refreshed once I land. 

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1. Calpak Portable Charger: Whenever I travel, I use my phone for absolutely everything: photos, videos, coordinating transportation, Yelping restaurants and coffee shops, etc. Not having a charged phone can also be really unsafe when traveling, especially in busy cities or abroad! I love how the Calpak portable charger can attach to a suitcase or inside a purse with ease and it doesn’t even look like a charger. A definite must-have for me when traveling anywhere.

2. Hand sanitizer: Having hand sanitizer ready in your bag is a no-brainer nowadays, especially when you are traveling and in public spaces. I like to splurge a bit on my hand sanitizer and use Touchland (and not just your average Purell or Trader Joe’s spray) because I find that it does a good job hydrating my hands and not leaving them dry or with a weird slimy residue on them. I also love the subtle scent of these because it motivates me to use it more often!

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1. Vans Slip Ons: While I do have TSA Precheck (so worth the money if you fly out of busy airports like LAX often!), I find comfortable- and easy-to-slip-on/off shoes the way to go when flying. 

2. LA Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus: Flying is tricky for me, as I still get nervous when the plane takes off. I love crosswords, and this large book of LA Times Sunday Crossword puzzles keeps me distracted. There are many versions, so if you finish one book, you can try another.

3. Minnie Rose Cashmere Blanket Wrap: This cozy, soft cashmere wrap/scarf/mini blanket is a perfect accessory for a chilly airplane. It's super long and wide, so it can serve as a warm scarf, blanket, or pillow. Of course I own it in black and heather grey, but it comes in many beautiful neutrals and colors.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.