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How I Kicked Off the Holiday Season with a Fall Trip to New York

Brought to you by the makers of the Glade® brand.
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I’m all about embracing the holidays and everything that comes with them, from what I’m baking to how I’m decorating, and the scents that fill my home. As soon as November first comes around, I begin burning pine-scented candles, especially since we have an artificial Christmas tree. It’s a perfect way to bring that outdoorsy, nostalgic scent indoors. So when the makers of the Glade® brand invited me to host an event with Apartment Therapy in New York, to celebrate the launch of the limited edition holiday fragrances, I obviously jumped at the chance. Here’s a little recap from the event: 


The event took place at a chic boutique hotel that has a candy bar in the lobby (um, hi! 👋), where the makers of the Glade® brand and Apartment Therapy transformed the space upstairs so that each room was dedicated to a particular scent.

As soon as you walked up the stairs, you entered the Deep Amber Hills fragrance room, which was decorated with fragrance notes, such as plum and black currant, as well as a moody butterfly moment on the wall that reminded me of the ones we used in Sloan's original nursery (just me?).

Photo by Laura June Kirsch

Photo by Laura June Kirsch

The Cozy Cider Sipping® scent room had luxe leather chairs with cream-colored throws, and apple cider for guests to warm up with. Apartment Therapy had so many cute ideas for entertaining and bringing friends and family together in ways that felt unexpected and cute, like a game of Holiday Hosting Mad-Libs.

Photo by Laura June Kirsch

Photo by Laura June Kirsch


My personal favorite is the Icy Evergreen Forest scent, which was in a room with streamlined and minimal holiday decor. Think: A simple tablescape, with a fresh garland down the center, pinecones, and gold flatware and accents. At each plate, there was a dinner conversation prompt, which is a fun idea if you’re entertaining for people who don’t know each other well. Questions ranged from, “Who’s your celebrity crush?” to “What’s your favorite trip you’ve ever been on?”


In the final room, I held an arts and crafts tutorial that stressed the importance of being a gracious host over the holidays. One of the ways to do that is to add handmade touches to guest gift bags, so we had ombré stamps which we used to decorate hangtags. I, of course, utilized my favorite décor tip, which is to use a glue pen to write a simple holiday phrase, then shake some glitter over it for a sparkling touch


Since it probably won’t feel like fall in Los Angeles, at least consistently, for a little while, it was such a fun opportunity to go to New York and enjoy the crisp weather and changing leaves, while sipping cider and enjoying some truly beautiful fragrances and crafts.


Thank you to the makers of the Glade® brand for hosting me and partnering on this post! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.