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How I Created My 'Dead Housewife' Costume for New Orleans

We had a deadly good time.
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Last October, my girlfriends and I went to New Orleans for what has now become our annual Halloween trip. We do it during VooDoo Weekend, which happens to correspond with the famous costume brunch at Arnaud's, an institution that's impossible to get into for Halloween unless you have a connection (which thankfully we do!).

It is hands down my favorite event of the year. The entire place is decked out in decor and has an epic playlist. I also love that 90% of the people in the restaurant are groups of female friends celebrating with crazy costumes and intricate table decorations. You're meant to float around the room and check out other people's costumes. There's a hint of friendly competition while leaving plenty of room to bow down to other tables for their originality and creativity. 

Last year, we had no idea just how seriously people took this brunch and did a quick pitstop at Walgreens to pick up random masks that we threw on moments before walking in the door. Needless to say, we felt the need to step up our game, in a big way, this year. 

A couple of months ago, we came up with the concept of dead Beverly Hills housewives, as a fun nod to our L.A. roots, since the vast majority of the people at this brunch are New Orleans natives. The idea spawned from my friend Jen's trip to a vintage store in L.A. (Jet Rag, for those curious!), where Jen stumbled upon the pastel candy-colored nightgowns that allowed us to each choose a different, unique color.

The brunch started at 12:30, so around 11, we all piled into one of our rooms to start getting ready. Thankfully, we had one of the best makeup artists in L.A. as part of our crew, who expertly applied white makeup to our faces. She then blotted on sunken, bruised eyes and added a contour to make us look dead. 

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To make the entire look more fun, we each put our own spin on it. My friend Ashley bought one of those long cigarette holders and lace gloves, my friend Raina wore a tiara that tilted off of her hair, and I intended to bring a sleep mask that I forgot! I was able to improvise with a terrycloth headband I use to wash my face. I then teased my hair to make it as crazy and messy as possible. 

At brunch, we spent the afternoon drinking, eating, and dancing with new friends. Spoiler alert: We already have our costume figured out for next year, and it involves a choreographed dance. ;) 

This year, we aren't doing a full family Halloween costume because Sloan's now of an age where she calls the shots when it comes to Halloween. When she decided to go as Rapunzel I passed on being her chameleon sidekick, but of course, can't wait to Trick or Treat with her tonight! Happy Halloween! x


P.S., Our last girls' trip to New Orleans was so flawless, we barely changed a thing for this trip. Here's what we did last year, and a Highlight of my favorite moments!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.