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Our Dream Registries

This post is brought to you by Zola.

When it comes to registry sites, most feel dated with equally stale inventory. There seemed to be a hole in the market for modern brides with cool taste that didn't want to have to choose practicality over personality. When I got married in 2012, I wished there had been a site that consolidated everything I was looking for—from vintage-inspired ceramics and rustic hand towels to sleek silverware and unique essentials. Zola curates over 450 brands in one easy-to-use platform. It allows couples to choose from updated classics and indie finds while making it a seamless user experience for guests. They even have options that go beyond just objects—couples can register for cash funds, group gifts, and experiences, all in one place. Even though none of us are getting married any time soon (this goes without saying for Emily), it didn't stop us from each creating a registry for fun. Below are our picks for some of the most popular registry items!

P.S., Zola is offering Cupcakes and Cashmere readers $50 in credit once they receive $500 in gifts (if you're getting married, this should add up quickly! Register here). 

Zola Emily.png

Favorite Zola Feature: "The ability to pull in products from anywhere, in addition to Zola's extensive catalogue of brands, so everything you want is organized in a single location." 

1. Dishware: Cameo 5-Piece Place Setting (on sale $50) - I love our actual wedding china so much that I wanted to pick something that had a similar vibe, but at a fraction of the price so I don't just pull it out for special occasions. The minimalist look with an uber thin gold rim is endlessly chic and goes with everything.
2. Flatware: Tang Tortoise Collection ($48-$170) - Flatware is usually an afterthought, but I love that this tortoise set makes such an impact in a retro-glam way.
3. Coffee/Tea: Chambord Classic Coffee Glass ($30) - G and I make coffee at home every single morning and this iconic serving set would make our daily ritual that much more elevated.
4. Textile: Agrarian Kitchen Towels ($55) - I'm always in need of simple, rustic striped towels that can be used anywhere. I'd use these inside of a basket to serve bread at dinner parties or on display by our kitchen and bathroom sinks for guests to dry their hands.
5. Decorative Object: Wall Clock ($270) - Marble is one of my favorite stones, but virtually impossible to keep clean when used as a countertop. This clock is great because it still gives me the clean, sleek look, but without the worry that it will etch and stain over time.
6. Tray: Marble Venice Fog Cake Tray ($125) - The gold flecks on this bone china tray add an unexpected pop of color that would make for such a pretty way to display little treats.
7. Serveware: Oval Oak Salt & Pepper Shaker ($25) - It's easy to find cool salt and pepper shakers meant for the table, but I appreciate the wide opening on these that would make them ideal to keep out while cooking.
8. Experience: Cheese of the Month Club ($275-$400) - Monthly delivery services are such a fun concept and having speciality cheeses arrive every few weeks would be delightful. Since G isn't a big dairy fan, this would pretty much mean that I'd have built-in girls nights revolving around wine and cheese.
9. Cash fund: Rustic Getaway ($1,000) - I've always been fond of the mountains, having grown up in Mill Valley, so I love the idea of signing up for a romantic getaway with G somewhere in the mountains with a great fire place and lots of wine.

Zola Alina2.png

Favorite Zola Feature: "I think the group gifting option is really cool–basically, any pricier item that you mark for group gifting means multiple friends can contribute to it." 

1. Dishware: Grey on Grey Square 4-Piece Place Setting (on sale $40) - I prefer earthy, ceramics-looking dishes to crisp, clean white ones, and these affordable ones have a Heath-y feel. 
2. Flatware: Due 20-Piece Flatware Set (on sale $517) - I've been wanting gold flatware for the longest time. It's such an investment and I'm still working with mis-matched singles from Ikea, so I'm long overdue for an upgrade. I particularly like the classic silhouette of these pieces paired with the matte plating and long, slender handles. 
3. Coffee/Tea: Geometry Espresso Cups ($57) - I love these graphic, black and white espresso cups which would make drinking down a shot even more enjoyable. 
4. Textile: Gingham Napkins (on sale $76) - Since I do a lot of dining outdoors in parks and on picnics thanks to L.A.'s fabulous weather, I'd love a cute set of gingham napkins for the occasions (a clear Instagram scene waiting to happen). 
5. Decorative Object: Marble Collection Midnight Tuberose Candle ($32) - This marbelized candle is so beautiful and a great price point. I'm about to buy it for myself right here and now. 
6. Tray: Ice Vanity Tray ($100) - A super chic place to keep earrings and other prized pieces of jewelry on your vanity. 
7. Serveware: Circle Service Tray ($245) - I'm obsessed with this tray for cheese plates, which are my hosting specialty since I'm bad at cooking. 
8. Experience: Pinot Noir Tasting Box ($110) - Pinot Noir is my favorite red wine, and I'm constantly sampling new varieties, so I'd love something like this. 
9. Cash fund: Vintage Car Rental ($1,000) - I'd definitely enjoy having some kind of vintage car element for my wedding. Since they're generally not safe for extended driving on California freeways (no airbags), your wedding day would be the perfect opportunity to drive a short distance in a cool car. 

Zola Leslie.png

Favorite Zola Feature: "The control shipping option is really unique because once an item is purchased for you, Zola sends you an email giving you the option to keep that gift or convert it to store credit, so if you change your mind or priorities shift, you're not stuck with a gift you have to return."

1. Dishware: Puro 5-Piece Place Setting ($121) - Like Alina, I prefer dishware that has heft and weight to it, so the stoneware quality of this setting caught my attention. It's simple enough that I could use it every night for dinner, but elegant enough to be proud of when guests come over. 
2. Flatware: Due 5-Piece Flatware Set ($124) - My silverware drawer is an IKEA-meets-flea-market-flatware disaster. Amid the chaos, there is one vintage fork that I love. It's the perfect size and shape and has an engraving of the initials of its original owners that I find incredibly charming. Minus the monogram, this flatware could be the long lost cousins of that fork—it has a unique shape that isn't quite as streamlined as Alina's picks, but would look beautiful paired with the minimalist dishware I selected.
3. Coffee/Tea: Espresso Maker (on sale $179) - I'm pretty sure I like the routine of coffee more than I like the drink itself, so the idea of strolling into my kitchen, grinding some beans, and pulling a shot of espresso from this beaut appeals to me on a visceral level.
4. Textile: Zora Throw (on sale $119) - I've dragged my $10 Target throw from high school bed to dorm room to apartment and while it's treated me well, this lush faux fur throw is just the thing to graduate to.
5. Decorative Object: Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Window Box ($40) - I'm a huge fan of using functional items to decorate my apartment—books, pretty bar cart booze bottles, and open shelving with sleek glassware, for example—so I was immediately drawn towards Zola's planters and herb gardens, this version being my favorite since it's the perfect size for my small bookshelf.
6. Tray: Wallingford Tray (on sale $60) - I have very few metallic elements in my home, but I was completely sold on this simple gold tray as soon as I saw the image of it styled. I can imagine using it as a pretty, vintage-y place to gather my vanity items in the bathroom.
7. Serveware: Recycled Glass Pitcher ($32) - You know how I mentioned my open shelving and "sleek glassware" above? Almost all of it is from the same company that makes this pitcher, Hawkins New York, so this would be the perfect thing to complete my collection.
8. Experience: Mistobox Personalized Subscription Box ($115 - $345) - Considering I drink it every day, I know a pitiful amount about coffee but I want to be the type of person who can walk into a coffee shop and strike up a conversation with the barista about the single-origin Ethiopian drip. A coffee subscription sounds like the perfect place to start.
9. Cash fund: Skiing Gear ($400) -I've always loved skiing and my bright pink Roxy twin-tips have treated me well, but I wouldn't mind a cash fund dedicated to some extra gear and maybe even an annual pass.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.