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Gift Guide: For the Foodie

17 ideas for the food-lover in your life.
Gift Guide 1- For the Foodie with numbers 5.png

Happy holiday season! Today we’re kicking off our gift guides a little early, with a gift guide for the foodie—in case you’re in search of a hostess gift for Thanksgiving next week. We decided to do things a little differently this year by creating gift guides thematically: today for the food-lover in your life, in the coming weeks, one for homebodies, fashion girls, the men in your life, and little ones. Enjoy!

1. The sleekest copper-detailed milk and sugar bowl set ($60). 

2. A bag of oysters that ships over night for an unexpected appetizer ($150).

3. Classic rolling pins ($98).

4. Bourbon-barrel aged fish sauce for the chef who knows her stuff ($18).

5. A shellfish set for oysters, crabs, and clams ($74).

6. Gift this recycled glassware pitcher with flowers or a drink ($32).

7. Matching set of five essential cookbooks ($250).

8. The cutest drink stirrers for party animals ($17).

9. Farmers' market basket with backpack strips ($80).

10. Sustainably-sourced caviar in the prettiest gift box ($100).

11. A set of three infused honeys ($50).

12. Cawfee, the way real New Yawkers order it ($15).

13. Bonus points if this stand is gifted with your favorite cookbook ($30).

14. White Italian truffle sourced from North Italy ($175).

15. Movie nights at home just got better with this old-fashioned popcorn maker ($42).

16. Why bring over a six-pack when you can make one ($40)?

17. A simple game to help decide what's for dinner ($24).

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.