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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Geoffrey's taking over to recommend his favorite picks.
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1. Royal Republiq Leather Backpack: I've come full-circle on the style and utility of backpacks. As a kid, they were an essential part of my daily use, carrying books and random junk, but I abandoned them in adulthood, thinking they might look too juvenile. I was wrong and while I don't need to carry around a nylon sack with stickers and badges sewn on (not that there's anything wrong with that) a sleek leather backpack is a perfect substitute/upgrade from the standard briefcase. 

2. Hawthorne Personalized Cologne: I'm very specific about the scents I wear, but if you're not sure what works best for the dad you're buying for, let some experts help you out. Run through a simple, but useful list of questions to narrow down a "work" and "play" option. You can get both for $100, or one for $60.

3. Thousand Anti-theft Bike Helmet: We have a short office commute, which makes cycling to work really easy, but it's essential for any cyclist to wear the right safety equipment. Honestly, most well-made helmets provide the same level of protection, so it really comes down to aesthetic and I like the way these look. The price is also great, so consider this if you're going to explore the world of bike commuting—as an aside, Leslie swears by the same one

4. Modern Amusement Bathing Suit: I have two rules when it comes to bathing suits: no flowers and I don't want them to run past my knee. This simple suit checks off both boxes and the price is perfect for something that often lasts just one season (especially when you're chasing after kids through sand dunes). 

5. Common Projects Achilles Low Top Sneaker: If you've been following my recent Instastories, you may have seen the evolution of my shoe collection, moving away from, what could arguably be labeled as fugly shoes, into a more streamlined collection. This pair is one of my go-to's.

6. American Crew Forming Cream: I often rotate styling products, but this new-to-me discovery has become a staple. It has a nice medium hold, dries with a matte finish, and washes out easily. The scent has also gotten a lot of compliments, which is a bonus. 

7. Smith Teamaker BBQ Rub: This spicy and smokey rub comes from an unlikely source, a tea specialist. Don't let that fool you, this aromatic mixture of black tea, Korean chili pepper, and cacao nibs provides a great alternative to standard rubs and pairs perfectly with meat or fish for summer grilling. 

8. Headspace subscription: There are a lot of mindfulness apps on the market, but this is my personal favorite. I've been using it (pretty consistently) for the past year and if you commit 5 to 10 minutes a day, you will see improvements for whatever is ailing you, from lack of focus to managing anger or anxiety. There are so many guided meditations to choose from, but starting with the basics is the right first step.  

9. 8 Bomber Jacket: I resisted owning this wardrobe staple for no reason other than I thought I didn't need one. Now that I do, it's arguably the most versatile and easy to wear piece in my closet, and while there are dozens of fabrics, colors, and designs to choose from, just get him a class navy + polyester version and call it a day. 

10. Corkcicle Ivanhoe Duffle: Admittedly, you don't need a stylish cooler. They are a utilitarian piece of equipment that serve a single purpose: to keep your stuff cold. That being said, if you want to move away from the classic, molded plastic Igloo into something less obvious, check out this option from Corkcicle. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.