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My 10 Best Buys of 2015

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1. Sansaire Sous Vide - G shared this device in his Father’s Day gift guide, but it’s really one of the best kitchen tools we’ve ever purchased. The sous vide technique makes it virtually impossible to overcook anything (plus you just stick whatever you're cooking into the water and it takes care of the rest) and it creates the most tender and flavorful dishes. I’ve never had better salmon, steaks, and poached eggs.


2. Natori Bra: I’ve tried a lot of bras over the years and this one is far and away the best I’ve ever tried. It provides separation, lifts and maintains its shape, even after a ton of wears. It comes in a lot of colors, but I’m partial to their nude options that work under everything.


3. Multi-port: We moved/misplaced our iPhone cables so often, that G decided to centralize our charging station to a single location and this multi-port actually solved several issues. It provide outlets for five devices and is small enough that you don’t feel like you’re creating an octopus of cords around your house.


4. Humidifier: We didn’t have to use this until late in the year, but when Sloan got her first cold, we were very happy we purchased it. I'm confident the cold humidity helped ease a lot of her symptoms and it worked so well, we purchased a second one for our room. Having this on during the dry winter months also makes my skin feel much more moisturized when I wake up.


5. The Honest Bundles: We go through so many baby and household products (diapers, wipes, detergent, etc.) that we consolidated all our deliveries into a single service. It's such a streamlined process and I love what Honest Company stands for. Besides the fact that they have the cutest diapers, we end up saving a lot of money purchasing all our essentials in one place.


6. Miso Dressing: Two weeks after giving birth, I essentially survived on a daily salad of rotisserie chicken, mixed greens and this dressing. It reminds me of those inexpensive iceberg lettuce salads you get at a neighborhood Japanese restaurant, in the best way possible. It’s creamy, without being heavy; sweet, without being cloying, and will always have a special connection for us. We still keep multiple bottles in the pantry.

Similar style here.

Similar style here.

7. Theory Black Cropped Trousers: I love a good trouser, but most of them veer pretty formal. What I love about these is that they still look professional and crisp, but can also work just as well in a super casual setting. I often wear them with a sweatshirt and sneakers while running weekend errands, which was a welcomed change of pace from my typical jeans.


8. Bamboo pillows - After waking up for several weeks with gnarly neck pains, G decided to get us new pillows, since our older ones had degraded to a thin layer of fake down. These arrived with a pungent odor, which I couldn’t stand, so I placed them in the guest room for several days to air out. By the end of the week, the smell was gone and I’ve never experienced a more comfortable night’s sleep. I definitely had my doubts, but if you’re willing wait a couple of nights, these pillows are amazing.

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9. Not Neutral Mugs - I’ve always liked the coffee mugs they use at Intelligentsia and after years of holding on to a hodgepodge collection of cups, we decided to get a simple, elegant set for daily use. This collection from Not Neutral hits the right balance of design and functionality, with a thick base, to keep the contents warm, and a clean design.


10. Fabric Steamer: Since I hate lugging out the iron and ironing board, I used to just wear my clothing slightly wrinkly all the time. But once we got this steamer, that's tiny and heats up almost immediately, it changed everything. All steamers are pretty much the same, but if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, and portable option, check this one out.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.