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What's Your "Breaking Point"?

The one thing that always puts me over the edge.
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A couple weeks ago, I was having a fairly off day—I had a seemingly endless to-do list and was running around trying to keep up with it all day. Then, when cleaning the guest room for a friend staying over, I dropped my favorite mug and it smashed to pieces. I immediately unleashed a string of expletives (luckily, Sloan was out of ear shot), and sat down crying. Even though I knew rationally that it was such a small thing—breaking a mug is far from a disaster—I couldn't help totally snapping. 

Over the years, I've learned to recognize that breaking things is a trigger for me. Most of the time, I see it happening almost in slow motion and yet the fact that I'm unable to prevent it, feels like such a failure. It usually occurs when I'm balancing ten things in my arms and refuse to slow down. I've been trying to see this as more of a learning opportunity, that it should serve as a reminder to not multitask and run myself into the ground and instead, take my time. 

When I posted an InstaStory immediately after breaking the mug, I was comforted by the wave of responses that came in. It was fascinating to see that almost everyone has a "breaking point" of their own - those seemingly insignificant moments that put you over the edge. For some, it's stubbing your toe, dropping something you've just pulled out of the oven, having ear buds ripped out, burning something, or getting honked at. It made me realize that I'm not alone and that there are even occasionally helpful ways to deal with those moments. One person said that in her culture, breaking something is actually good luck and that she simply yells, 'Opa!' anytime it happens to her. I'm not sure if I'll be as enthusiastic the next time I drop something, but I certainly like the idea of making that person's response my goal.

I'd love to know—what's your "breaking point"? When I first asked that question on Instagram, and was flooded with responses, I found it inspiring. We all have those moments throughout our day (it's remarkably reassuring to know that you're not alone) and this community helped make me feel a lot better when it happened to me. It got me thinking more about the idea of having a platform to voice similar grievances, but mainly a space for lots of positivity as well. 

We've recently launched a Facebook Group to encourage more conversations between all of you. It's a place to inspire others, offer advice, and lean on other amazing, like-minded women. It's a closed group, but send over a request (by clicking this link) and we'll add you! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.