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What's in My Bag

You can tell a lot from peeking into someone's purse...
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Vintage Chanel Purse

Vintage Chanel Purse

There are certain personal spaces that are second-nature to each of us, but also speak volumes about the owner's personality. I've always had a fascination with the items others keep in their refrigerators (hence the reason I not-so-stealthily peer into others' baskets in the check-out line), cosmetics cases, and purses, to name a few. To that end, I've decided to share with you all what I keep in my own bag. Watch the video below to see:

Items Mentioned:

Wallet: Valentino Wallet (similar here)
Hand Wipes: EO Lavender Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Cheek Tint: Glossier Cloud Paint in 'Puff'
LipstainNARS Power Matte Lip Pigment in 'Light My Fire
Lipstick: Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick in 'Sky High'
Concealer: Laura Mercier Ultra-Longwear Concealer in '2C'
Tweezers: Tweezerman Tweezers
Pen: Sakura Gel Pens
Snack Bar: KIND Bar in 'Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt'
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviators
Cleaning Cloth: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Headphones: BeatsX Earphones
Hair Accessories: Hair Bows (similar here)
Perfume Sample: Le Labo in ‘Lys 41

P.S., Any surprise items you keep in your own bag? I've continued the conversation in our Facebook group, here!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.