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What Sloan Says in a Week (Part 2)

A.K.A., "Sloanisms" in our house.
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Back by popular demand... Here are some of my favorite things Sloan said this week (read Part 1 here!).

"I'm going for a quick walk. I'll be back in 20 hours."

(While lying next to me in bed) "Let’s do spooning!"

(Re: Luna) “She’s very very soft. She has feathers.” - Sloan
“No, she doesn’t.” - Me
“A little bit feathers.” - Sloan

(Yelling at our Amazon Echo): "Play 'Firework' by Kelly Pelly!"

"Your cheeks are not soft. They're squishy."

(Playing doctor) "I'm the doctor. Open your mouth. Oh no! Just what I thought: a bee in your neck."

"Which kind of ice cream do you want: vanilla, chocolate, or beef?"

"This car is too boring."

"We have to be so nice and gentle or else it will break and we will be so sad."

"Stop asking 'why!'"

"I looked in the telescope and there was a jaguar. Then he scratched me."

"If I don't brush my hair...oh boy, it's going to be crinkly."

"Do you like seagulls?"

"I’m going to love you for all of the days!"

(While cuddling) "You keep breathing on me. It's okay, it's not your fault. But it's not funny."

"If someone is a people, they can paint. But not if you’re a cat or dog. And definitely not if you’re a reindeer."

(Referring to Luna) "She looks like a rat. She has fur, just like a rat. She’s soft though, and rats are harder."

(Playing doctor) "Open your mouth and say, 'ahhhh!' I need to listen to your teeth."

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.