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What Our Team Loved In September

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

For years, I walked around completely dehydrated. I simply never really had an urge to drink water over coffee or juice. Ever since buying one of these tumblers for the office, though, my life has completely changed. Having this cup has me instinctually drinking more water than ever (I think it's all because of the straw, and the fact that it keeps water ice-cold), and I've found myself filling it up several times before I even leave the office for the day. I've since bought one to keep at home and one for Geoffrey, who also claims this has changed his relationship with water. 


I'm very, very recently engaged and already living in terror of denting or (oh please no) losing my ring. The only time I take it off is for working out, since I don't want to think about bumping or denting it against any of the weights and machinery in the quick-moving group classes I attend. I used to place rings in the zipper pocket of my leggings but didn't want to risk throwing my engagement ring into the wash either, so I quickly purchased this Ring Hero after Jess recommended it. It's a sweatband that holds my rings securely while I work out! For those who prefer to keep their ring on, I also came across this product, Buffr, though I haven't tried it. I'm thinking of testing different options if anyone's interested! 


Justin and I are always on the hunt for a new show (...if you have any, please send them my way!). Our therapist recommended we watch Couples Therapy on Showtime at our most recent session, and we binged all nine episodes in three evenings. It follows four real couples in counseling navigating some nuanced (and universal!) issues that partners experience. Things get raw, and even slightly uncomfortable. It also lifts the veil on the therapist, who unintentionally forms her own biases, but needs to remain impartial during her sessions. I found it to be entrancing and educational, and hope that it helps to destigmatize couples therapy and provide comfort to people feeling like they're the only one with problems in their relationship.


Last Thursday, Anne and I were lucky enough to join the cast of Downton Abbey for a reception and screening of their new movie. And let me just say: It was everything I could have dreamed. I grew up watching Downton with my mom every Sunday, relishing each storyline and the upstairs-downstairs dynamic of the house. Everything from the costuming to the actors is perfection, and I was overwhelmed when I heard they returned for a movie. This movie is basically a long Christmas special, complete with witty banter, killer jewelry, and sweet love stories. If you're like me and missed Downton like family, you won't be disappointed.


The second season of the Ron Burgundy podcast is here—if you like your podcasts smooth like whiskey, sharp like a crisp maroon double-breasted suit, and funny like... well, like Will Ferrell, then I would recommend you give this podcast a listen! The premise (if you haven't listened to the first season) is simple: Ferrell, as his comedic alter ego Ron Burgundy, interviews real experts on a variety of subjects from politics to childcare. It's a simple formula that I think works well in the podcast format, as you learn something from the experts while getting to laugh out loud at Mr. Burgundy's insightful interjections. Just be cautious: Driving while listening will turn your car into a glass case of emotions.


I've never really been one to play games on my phone (except for Angry Birds...), but I started playing Wordscapes this month and I feel like a changed woman. It's super simple—make words out of the random letters you're given, and enter them into a crossword-style grid. I play while I'm waiting in line, when I can't fall asleep, or when I just need a good distraction. The ads are annoying, but it's free so I'm not complaining!


I've tried to incorporate meditation into my normal routine more times than I care to admit, only to stop practicing because I've struggled to maintain focus. Oftentimes, I get distracted by random noises, or subtle changes in the room lighting, which will derail me. I'm not typically influenced by items I see on Instagram, but when I saw the ad for this mask, it caught my attention. Using small Bluetooth speakers and light-blocking felt, this mask provides the perfect isolation I need to shut out external distractions. 


I must have written about this purse somewhere before since I've been stalking it for the past year. After discovering the brand on Instagram, I even made a point of visiting their store in Paris last March! Long story short: Polene is a new French brand that makes beautiful, elegant bags and they recently sent me the exact bag I've been eyeing, the 'Numero Un Mini.' The bag (which I got in pebbled black, with a black suede flap) is a perfectly sized evening bag, with just enough hardware to add a little interest. I've only owned mine for about a week, but have already toted it all over L.A., and received more compliments on it than possibly any other purse I own.


The second it hit September, I immediately kicked into Halloween gear. It's by far my favorite holiday, and personally, I think if you're adding decorations on October 1st, you're too late to the game. I called my local Target on September 1st to ask when their Halloween delivery would arrive and be on display (yup, I'm that witch), and they told me the following weekend, so you bet I spent a few hours going through every item the next Saturday. I really love some of my finds, including spooky fabric we hung on our windows and art, these adorable and festive garlands, and my favorite – the phantom friend that we've named Ghost Malone. My house is so festive, and it brings me so much joy to walk through the front door every day.


I'm always looking for a good everyday lipstick but rarely find one I actually like. Charlotte Tilbury's formula is (in my opinion) the best. It's creamy but not wet, matte but still moisturizing, and comes in the cutest gold packaging. 'Super Cindy' is the perfect everyday lip that throws back to the '90s supermodel natural look, all while blending with my everyday mascara and blush routine.


After we moved offices, I noticed Alexa was having a harder time "settling" herself in our new space. For a while, I assumed it was the heat (L.A. summer is not super husky friendly...), but I finally realized she just needed a spot that was "hers." In our last office, her go-to spot was under my desk (but with our new floor plan, my desk is in the middle of the room instead of against a wall). Alexa likes to curl herself into a little husky donut, so I decided to try this $39 circular dog bed. She loves it so much I sincerely almost cried. The best part: it doesn't actually look like a dog bed, so it more or less goes with the decor. Seeing Alexa "dig", circle, and plop down in her new bed is basically the best part of my day.


There's another new Amazon series featuring an antiheroine (move over Fleabag), Undone. From the creators of Bojack Horseman, Undone is also about a protagonist, Alma, who is trying to figure out their place in the world with sarcasm and humor. Using rotoscope animation (you might have seen this technique used in the films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly) allows the show to move in and out of different visual realities seamlessly, adding to the dreamlike narrative of the series that builds from the pilot. I don't want to spoil too much about the plot, but it's a little bit sci-fi and a little bit dramedy. Big plus: the episodes are only 30 minutes, so binge-watching is easy. If all of my references and ambiguity hasn't turned you off, I recommend Undone for a new style of animated series.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.