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What Our Team Loved in October

A monthly series, corralling the various apps, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

I first jumped on the Birkenstock sandals train about seven years ago and I'm officially ready to embrace a new style. As I considered what my fall look would involve, I kept coming back to the idea of being as cozy as possible (anyone else?), essentially wearing whatever the closest thing to house slippers that I could get away with. So here we are! I recently met up with a friend over distanced coffees and she was in a matching sweatsuit and these fuzzy slides that managed to look both comfortable, but still casually elevated. I bought a pair later that night and I can't wait to wear them with relaxed jeans, simple tees, oversized sweaters, and yes...lots of loungewear.


I have a password problem. In the past, I've felt like an (extremely incompetent) hacker anytime I have to get into an account, cycling through passwords until *EUREKA* I'm in! I've recently (and finally) transitioned my accounts to 1Password, which is not only safer but also much more convenient. Because all of my passwords are secured in an account under just one super-secure password, I'm able to simply tap the app or Chrome plugin anytime I need to log into an account. If I'd known how much stress it would relieve, I would have done this a loooong time ago.


Would I typically spend this much money on laundry detergent? Absolutely not. But these are unprecedented times, during which I can't be trusted to make rational decisions (though I was at least savvy enough to find them for 20% off!). In all honesty, back at the beginning of quarantine, I wanted to find ways to elevate mundane chores like laundry, so I ordered two scents (Rose 31 and Santal 33) but barely touched them. It felt like such an indulgence to use even a drop—that is, until I realized that they should exclusively be used to wash our bedding. Since we throw in our sheets once a week and our duvet cover twice a month, they don't get used up too quickly (plus we supplement with some basic unscented detergent), and each time I slip into bed, I'm met with a subtle wave of the perfumed scents I love so much. It makes our bedroom feel super luxurious. 


You know I love anything space-related, so I would have been surprised if I didn't like this new show about the first group of humans to attempt a mission to Mars. It has Hilary Swank, a heartwarming mother-daughter relationship, an incredible main cast representing five space-faring nations (the United States, China, India, Russia, and England), suspenseful moments that made me gasp out loud (and then cry from sheer relief), and incredibly rich flashbacks about the crew members' lives that left me needing so much more. 


As someone who only washes her hair once a week (don't knock it 'til you've tried it) I'm very well acquainted with dry shampoo. The most popular type of dry shampoo is the one that comes in an aerosol can. While effective, I found that using aerosol dry shampoos frequently irritated my scalp. Which is why I was happy to discover this powder version by R+Co. The packaging features a little pump that still makes it easy to apply to your hair without the pressure from an aerosol can. I've been able to successfully train my hair to go quite a while without getting oily, but on the days that I could use a little touch-up, a pump of this powder does the trick.


These are like little miracles in gummy form. A friend recommended them after listening to me incessantly complain about my disrupted sleep and they've made a big difference. I take one (the recommended dose is two, but this works for me!) about 30 minutes before bed paired with journaling (I literally write anything and everything I'm thinking about so it doesn't keep me up) and I've found that this combination is extraordinarily effective. Bonus: I usually only have to take it once a week for it to kind of reset my system, and it never makes me feel groggy in the morning.


Earlier this month, a previous colleague of mine from Food52 launched Goldune, a sustainable e-commerce platform with eco-friendly brands. I was hooked on the concept from the moment she told me about her new venture, but became truly impressed once I started browsing last week! I'm not buying anything until we've completed our move, but I've added all of these to my cart with the intention of purchasing: Shampoo bar, plastic-free sponges, and natural deodorant in a compostable shell.


"Did you listen to the Daily episode today?" is something I hear nonstop from friends and family, and my answer is consistently, "I haven't!" I can't put my finger on why, but I just don't love Michael Barbaro and the NYTimes' podcast the way the rest of my inner circle seems to, and instead have come to look forward to What A Day by Crooked Media. Hosts Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick break down the biggest news of the day, run through the most important headlines, and interview relevant guests on subjects I'm usually pretty clueless on. I love their energy, banter, and ability to break down more complicated topics, especially throughout this 2020 election season. Consider me a loyal member of the #WADSquad.


I've been very slowly decorating my apartment over the last year or so, and this art print by Justina Blakeney is definitely one of my favorite things that I've gotten thus far. It's possible I may have spied it in Haley Nahman's house when she did a "quarantine house tour" on her Instagram stories this spring, and I had been obsessively thinking about it ever since. I put it in a super slim metal frame from Simply Framed, and I'm still figuring out which wall in my apartment will best show it off!


I won't say that I was an early adopter of the bike short trend, but once I got my first pair there was no turning back. This particular purchase was influenced by my sister who swears by how comfortable Girlfriend Collective pieces are—and she wasn't wrong. They feel ultra-soft, but the high-waisted design helps hold everything in place. The fact that these shorts are made out of recycled plastic bottles is just a bonus for me. I know they're made for working out but honestly, I'm a little too happy to wear them all day long.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.