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What Our Team Loved In October

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

Obviously, it would be crazy not to include my planner and agenda line. It's all I've been thinking about, and I'm so beyond excited that the whole collection is in Target stores around the country. Honestly, it's far too difficult to pick a favorite one, but I absolutely love that we got our sleek and sophisticated leather planners monogrammed at a local store, Coco's Leather Goods. While they're gorgeous regardless of personalization, that thoughtful touch does make them an even better gift for the holidays!


The triple-threat of owning a cat, hiking frequently (and subsequently tracking dirt in), and being a neat-freak means I vacuum almost every day, but lugging my very heavy corded vacuum up a flight of stairs was getting old. When Jonah's mom offered this vacuum as an (extremely generous) housewarming gift, I was quick to accept. Let me tell you: It has made all the difference. The long charge, powerful suction, and trigger "on" switch means I can quickly suck-up any cat hair, dust, dirt, or litter. It's expensive, but I would easily recommend it to anyone fighting the good fight against detritus. 


On a Trader Joe's run a few weeks back, our previous Editorial Intern Caroline pointed out some cocoa bars–Honey Mama's–in the refrigerator section, and I was intrigued. She really hyped them up, enough to convince me to buy two different flavors, Truffle and Nibs & Coffee. It was love at first bite for both. I typically don't care about food labels, but they're dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and contain no refined sugars (basically a vegetable, right?!), which makes me feel marginally better about breaking off a chunk as an afternoon snack. They're just the right amount of sweet and incredibly satisfying, so much so that I ran back and bought three more of each flavor to keep in the fridge for any future sugar cravings. 


I've always been a huge fan of Bob's Burgers, but was never truly able to articulate why until I read this article on Manrepeller. After watching every episode of the show, it's safe to say that the Belchers feel like family to me. Whatever is going on in the storyline, the family makes me laugh constantly and cry often. Whenever I miss the East Coast, my (arguably too) big family, or am just generally stressed out, the kids' adventures lift my spirits and entertain me for hours. This new season is just as good as always, filled with touching family moments and a lot of brilliant one-liners. 


Finally, it's here! This foundation has been on my radar since it was mentioned in the millions and millions of articles about Meghan Markle's wedding makeup—and since I am a sucker for any foundation marketed for 'face and body,' I created a mental note in the brain equivalent of a Sharpie to try it out once it was available to the plebs. And, like the Duchess herself, I am a fan! It provides thin but even coverage, hides faint dark spots and blemishes, plus it comes in a wide range of shades (it also works well over sunscreen, which is a must for me). It's my new daily go-to foundation, and even if you are the type who favors a heavier formula, I'd recommend giving it a try!


If you love weird medical mysteries like I do, this new Netflix show is for you! Based on the column in the New York Times, the show follows Dr. Lisa Sanders as she uses global crowdsourcing to solve (or attempt to solve) rare and unusual medical mysteries. From the otherwise healthy teenage girl who can’t keep down almost anything she eats or drinks to the man who often gets deja vu right before his heart stops, they’re all real cases, which makes it even more interesting. There are only seven episodes in Season 1, but I wish there were 700. 


There are enough "wellness lattes" out there to make your head spin—and most of them are on my coffee cart as we speak (a shortlist: Golden Fuel, Four Sigmatic cacao powder, "moon dust"). To be honest, I don't know how well any of it "works," I just like how good they taste... so it caught my attention when Nikki Bostwick, founder of The Fullest, recently told me that saffron is purported to be an effective mood enhancer. That evening, I mixed a tablespoon of her saffron blend with frothed, warm milk (she recommends oat milk). Maybe it was the saffron or maybe it was the joy that came from unwinding with a warm drink, but I loved it enough to have it the next night, and the next...


I wore this in an Instagram post recently and received more compliments than I could have expected. This Laura Mercier shadow in shade opalescent is in a little tube similar to lip gloss and comes with a thin applicator. The sparkle glides on similarly to lip gloss as well, with a wet shadow that you can build easily. For a more subtle look, you could nicely coat your whole lid, but I like to dot a thicker line on my lash line for a pop of pearly-white shimmer. 


Remember when I mentioned I'd be buying this product from the Dermstore Anniversary sale? Well, it (and Anne, who recommended it) changed my life. My skin is generally pretty clear, but I'd been developing some breakouts on my chin, which I had attributed to hormonal acne. Anne suggested trying an exfoliant lotion to see if it would combat it. I added Paula's Choice 8% AHA Lotion Exfoliant to my nighttime skincare routine (it shouldn't be applied before going into direct sunlight) and started simply splashing my face with water in the morning instead of using a cleanser and my breakouts *literally* disappeared. 


Our buyer, Lisa, brought in samples of these metallic ponytail holders about six months ago. I stole two, gold and silver, which I used pretty much exclusively until a few weeks ago. As the saying goes, I honestly didn’t know what I had until they were gone. Naturally, I found them again with just a little Googling on Amazon. With these stretchy bands of sunshine, my hair goes up SO MUCH easier. It also kinks way less, and my topknot never turns into a rat’s nest when it’s time to take it out. They also come in about a million colors, so you can match them to literally any mood or outfit. 

At my wedding venue! 

At my wedding venue! 

I've decided to not hire a wedding planner for my wedding next year. And although I'm already beyond stressed, it's a decision I've decided to stick to. My wedding is set to be in a small town on the Finger Lakes and having the full ordeal of a planner didn't feel like a necessary addition to a relatively quaint wedding. Things are less busy and overbooked where I grew up, so I'm determined to sort all the details for myself. This planner is SO useful, from pre-calculated budgets to tabs for guests and addresses. This is absolutely keeping me sane as I plan from 3000 miles away!


There's nothing better than when you find the perfect product that fuses form and function—I wanted to get a diffuser that would add a hint of lavender when I slept, but I also wanted it to look like it could reside on Gwyneth Paltrow's beach home bedside table. Enter the Vitruvi diffuser: its serene profile and neutral color look elegant, but it also works! It provides the perfect amount of mist (you can also choose between different cadences to match your scent mood). I have been using the Essentials Bundle oils to mix and match custom scents to help guide me to sleep—or take a weekend nap.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.