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What Our Team Loved in November

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

You know those times when you're ready to open up a bottle of wine that's meant to be really cold, only to realize you never put it in the fridge? Or how about an iced latte that ends up closely resembling a watered down coffee sludge? Apparently I'm pretty finicky about my cold beverages and when a friend recently shared her HyperChiller, I bought it on the spot (funny story: G did as well, as a gift for me, and we only realized it when they both arrived at once). It chills beverages without diluting them in less than a minute, takes up very little room in our freezer, and is currently a contender for one of my best buys of 2020. - Emily

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 10.40.59 AM

Between the election coverage and my move earlier this month, I had a lot of things competing for my attention. I decided early on that I would need to set up some parameters if I wanted to maintain productivity during the workday. After some quick research, I downloaded and tested out several productivity apps, with Flow App being my clear favorite. The app uses the "Pomodoro Technique" of 25 minutes on with 5 minute breaks throughout the day, and a longer break every four sessions. While it didn't take long for me to ignore, then delete, a focus app I'd installed onto my phone, I've found that this desktop app is much more effective: I set it to go full-screen during breaks, so I can't ignore it, and it offers a countdown in the navigation bar so I'm motivated to complete as much as possible in the time in between! It's been an especially effective tool now that we have a puppy who needs to go out every 25 minutes—during the breaks, I run to take Toast outside (puppy brag: after four days of intense potty training, he's now nearly able to go on cue!), before honing in on my next focus sprint. - Leslie


I have a bone to pick with every single person in my life who knew these existed and didn't notify me. Chocolate chip cookie dough has always been my go-to ice cream flavor, with my only complaint being that there never seems to be enough dough per bite. Luckily, I spotted these while browsing the frozen section at Whole Foods and made a beeline for both the Chocolate Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Chip options. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm already on my second and third bag of those flavors, respectively, and have been adding them to bowls of ice cream or just popping them like they're blueberries when I have a sugar craving. - Jess


Combating stress-related hair loss has been a major theme for me this year, and this is a product I'm really ecstatic about! I used to lose a pretty sizable amount of hair basically every time I took a shower, and the anxiety was really starting to get to me. I ordered this shampoo on a whim about a month ago, and it has decreased how much my hair sheds by A LOT. I genuinely have no idea how it works, but it totally does. The bottle is also very chic and not at all embarrassing to look at, which I so appreciate.- Kelly


I may or may not have worn this bodysuit three days in a row but if I did, I'm not sorry. RE ONA is a Black-owned business that I have been lusting over for a few months now, mostly because all their stunning pieces were sold out. I was drawn in by how beautifully they told a story with seemingly basic pieces. Most nude bodysuits or black cropped tees that I've seen on the market have very short lifespans and people don't seem to mind because they're so easy to replace. The truth is, I've also never been moved to spend a lot on a basic but then you realize those are the pieces you should be investing in because they get the most mileage. From the moment I touched my RE ONA piece I could feel quality in my hands—then I tried it on. This bodysuit melted into my body in all the best ways. All their pieces use a special double-layered technique which makes for a seamless look and incredible coverage. - Cass


These gingham fabric bowl covers are one of my favorite discoveries as of late. I always have bowls of dough in the fridge or random leftovers and these reusable covers are easy to grab, pop on and off easily, and look cute in the fridge. - Emily


A lot of us breathed an enormous sigh of relief earlier this month when Biden won the presidency, but there's still work to be done—namely, in Georgia. Because of a strange majority-vote requirement for general election wins in Georgia, and a runoff that was already planned, voters in Georgia will be voting on two Senate seats in January. Why is this so important? Republicans hold a 50-48 majority in the US Senate as of November's elections, so Democrats need two more for a 50-50 Senate. From there, Vice President Harris would cast tie-breaking votes. If Republicans have the Senate majority, many of the measures Biden hopes to pass—environmental regulation, actions for racial justice, COVID-19 relief—could be blocked. We saw the enormous difference Stacey Abrams' organization Fair Fight made in fighting voter suppression in the presidential election, and she isn't slowing down at all ahead of the Senate race. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer (right now the emphasis is on getting Georgia voters registered before the December 7 deadline), so join me in getting Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock elected! I've also signed up to "Adopt Georgia," Vote Save America's program for sharing important volunteer and donation opportunities. It feels empowering to take part in our democracy and give more people the opportunity to vote—which is something we should all be able to agree on. - Leslie


Are these books written for young adults? Yes. Are they also the ideal dystopian novels to pick up if you're on the hunt for some quick, easy reads that are reminiscent of The Hunger Games but without the, you know, murder of children? Also yes. Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman mentioned the series as one of their favorites on their Bad on Paper podcast a while back, so I borrowed the first from the library in March...yet I let it sit on my bookshelf for months. Then recently, I needed a book to help me fall back in love with evening reading (I had picked up a bad habit of bringing my binge-watching to bed), and I'm so glad I reached for The Selection. If love triangles, royal families, and the idea of a post-WWIV United States interest you, add this to your reading list, and then prepare to fly through the second (The Elite) and third (The One). They're charming, addictive, and definitely primed to become a movie (Netflix is on it). - Jess


I have ultra super sensitive skin, so I wait a while when I'm trying new skincare products to decide whether my face likes it or not. This summer, Maelove sent me a goodie box of products (their founder, Jackie Kim, is truly the nicest human on the planet) after I wrote about wanting to try The Glow Maker, which both Leslie and Jess swear by. It didn't work for me, but Love 31 did–I genuinely never thought I would find a face oil that doesn't make my skin break out, but here it is. It makes my skin feel so much more hydrated and healthy in just one application, and now I apply it almost every day. The light, luxurious scent is such a treat as well. Thank you, Jackie!! (#gifted) - Kelly


Post-shower, I'm religious about moisturizing my face but lately I've been slacking on something so elementary: body lotion. I was already a fan of Flamingo's branding so when they reached out about sending some of their products I was pretty excited. From what I've tested, this has got to be my favorite because it's perfect for my very lazy moments and getting those hard to reach spots. It gives such an easy application, much like spray sunscreens (Banana Boat, anyone?) but is a lot easier to blend and with a lighter scent. Okay, but here's the actual best part: When I tried it on camera, it revealed the most subtle shimmer. If the category is moisturized and glowy then they've certainly delivered. (#gifted) - Cass

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.