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What Our Team Loved in May

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

These vases by La Soufflerie have a found-in-a-Parisian-flea-market vibe to them, done in gorgeous sea glass shades (I have this one in olive that always gets a ton of compliments). Best part: They're remarkably versatile and I've used them for everything from fresh flowers and pencils to makeup brushes, and am now tempted to use them for cocktails after seeing them on their site!


I love VeriShop for their skincare selection, but only recently came across their home selection, which includes some of my favorite brands like Material (their knives are great), Year & Day, and the Danish brand Ferm Living. Honestly, this page looks like it could have been collected from my dream kitchen! I created an "apartment wish list" here.


When a Byredo package arrived on my doorstep at the end of April, I was delighted... but confused as I hadn't ordered anything from their website. Turns out it was a housewarming gift from Kelly, which I discovered as I ripped through the tissue paper like a little kid on Christmas. It included a Gypsy Water Hand Cream, which smells intoxicating. I've been applying before I go to bed, which has become such a luxurious ritual that I look forward to each night (after the less-than-glamourous ritual of brushing my teeth). 


Guys, I haven't read a good fantasy book in a WHILE, but Ninth House is definitely making my Top 10 list this year! I've described it to people as Harry Potter, if they were in college at Yale, and instead of the four houses we have eight secret societies, and Hermione is the lead–but she's a former drug addict who can see ghosts, and her job is to keep an eye on the rituals performed by Yale's "Houses of The Veil". Are you intrigued yet?! Ninth House creates an entirely new world that will completely suck you right in. It's going to become a series, and I can't wait for the next book to be released!


I know everyone has their own quarantine life journey, and up until recently, mine hasn't included much reading (or organizing/cleaning, if I'm being honest). Besides two books that weren't exactly literary masterpieces (by former Bachelor, Colton Underwood and then by Jessica Simpson), I hadn't found anything to retain my attention in the current climate. So when a friend recommended a new(ish) thriller to read, about a woman and her complicated relationship with her mother-in-law who's found dead under mysterious circumstances, I downloaded it immediately. And while I'm still in the middle of it, the characters are compelling, the pacing is good, and I can't wait to find out what actually happened to the mother-in-law.


I will never forget the day I got my period for the first time. I was 13 years-old, and it was hours before my best friend's water park birthday party. Emphasis on the water park. With the promise of water slides and Dippin' Dots calling my name, I was determined to figure out how to put in a tampon on day one (s/o to my mom for patiently coaching!). Fast forward to what must be hundreds of tampons later, I am relieved that I may never buy a box of those pink-taxed babies again! There are sooooo many menstrual cups on the market (this article does a great job of outlining the pros and cons of the most popular brands), but I ultimately picked the Lily for its compact size and the fact that it comes with a convenient storage vessel. Putting it in for the first time, just like its cotton counterpart, can feel undeniably intimidating, but if you are even remotely intrigued, I can't sing its praises enough!

Update from Leslie: It's been brought to my attention in the comments that the original product I recommended, a face wash from Arbonne, may be problematic, so I've removed it. I've downloaded this podcast and watched this John Oliver clip on MLM at your recommendations. Thank you, as always, for your feedback and for taking the time to teach me. I'll add an additional recommendation later today—but wanted to get this update up asap! 


While you could argue that it's cold brew season year-round in Los Angeles, I try to hold off until it the day it becomes nearly unbearable to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Said day occurred a few weeks ago (when it hit the mid-80s!), so I added "cold brew concentrate" to my grocery list. I didn't have much time to research while I was at Whole Foods (I try to get in and out as quickly as possible), so to be honest, I grabbed the glass bottle of Seaworth based on the branding alone. Thankfully, judging a book by its cover worked in my favor for this product, because I'm currently working my way through my third. I add ice, a splash of water, and a couple of tablespoons of oat milk, and it's the perfect morning beverage. 


Do you like space? It probably sounds a little weird, but The Planets on Amazon Prime is the show I didn't know I needed. Each episode tells the story of one of the planets in our solar system in an hour-long, stunningly beautiful rendering of events that happened millions of years ago, narrated by Zachary Quinto. I watch it late at night before I go to bed–it's relaxing, educational, and one of the most visually appealing shows I've ever seen.


Let me begin by saying that athletics of any kind are not my thing. I can fully understand why others enjoy playing and following sports, but I just don't feel emotionally invested in the game the way I know so many others do. That said, one doesn't need to love sports, or be especially good at them, to become fully enamored by ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. The 10-part docuseries follows the Chicago Bulls in their 1997-1998 final championship season, jumping back and forth in time to tell the compelling story of one of the greatest athletes of all time. Going in, I really didn't know much about Michael Jordan, and had only heard of Dennis Rodman because of this Vice News video on basketball diplomacy with North Korea (watch it if you haven't!). I excitedly awaited each episode and have a newfound appreciation for the incredible grit, work ethic, and passion it takes to reach that level of excellence. More than anything, though, the series offers tremendous perspective on the importance of sports to the unification of our global community, something that matters now more than ever. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.