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What Our Team Loved in May

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

My dad read this book first and practically stalked me until I agreed to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did. I can't remember the last time I had such a visceral reaction to a book. It was both delicious and inspiring and a thoughtful approach to leadership. As an added bonus, I loved all of the Condé Nast references since it's where I got my start (coincidentally under the same publisher, Gina Sanders, who left Gourmet to work at Teen Vogue). 


A few years ago, Jonah and I stayed in the dreamiest Airbnb in Big Sur that's sadly no longer available. It rained all weekend, so we stayed inside tearing through books, and talking over glasses of port. It was a perfect weekend, and one I can't wait to recreate with Getaway House, a startup that finally (!) opened in L.A., with other locations nationwide. The concept is a step above camping: A small house with running water is plopped in the middle of nature just two hours from a big city. The options for houses look gorgeous, and a night's stay runs as low as $99 (closer to $150 on weekends). I booked a summer weekend in July, and another in November when the weather chills for a cozy getaway, since they fill up quick! I'm already looking forward to both!  


I'm clearly passionate about sun protection, and Supergoop! never ceases to amaze me with their products that protect areas of the body you might not think about while applying sunscreen. They recently came out with scalp powder SPF, but I was even more curious about their Shimmershade. I trekked to Sephora at the end of April to test it on my hand first and was pleasantly surprised: The texture was creamy and luxe, and the pigments were much prettier than I expected. I bought two (Sunset and Golden Hour) and I haven't worn another eyeshadow since.


I have spent years chasing the perfect sunglasses. I've invested in designer consignment versions and tried on every shape under the sun (I have a round face and am often asked if I'm in high school, so finding sunglasses that don't further aggravate the problem is a priority). When I bought these lilac Ray-Bans for summer, I never expected them to become my go-to. The quality is unbeatable, and the price is just right enough that I'm not afraid to take them everywhere. I'm headed to Aruba next month, and I know they'll be the first thing I pack. 


Lil Nas X has everyone wanting to go to the Old Town Road, and there's no easier way this summer to immerse yourself in cowboy counter-culture than by playing Rockstar Games' recent release Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, you can ride a horse—and yes, you can choose to be a true outlaw (à la Billy Ray), but there's so much to explore in this game that soon you'll feel like a true cowboy, baby when you pick up your controller (sorry, that was a Kid Rock reference—let me get back on track). This game is definitely not for beginners, as the controls and gameplay can be challenging at first, but it's worth it when it's just you, your horse, your flat screen television, and the open (virtual) road.


Branching out with skincare is really nerve-wracking for me because my sensitive skin makes me super nervous to try anything new. Typically new products either make my face sting, give me hives, or shoot me back into the acne era I've so thankfully left behind. I recently started using Curology (will update when I know for sure if it's a keeper!), and so far I'm absolutely bananas about the anti-acne results, but it's been leaving my face weirdly dull. To get that glow back, I'm using this AHA lotion exfoliant every other night, and the results have been crazy fast. My skin is dewier, I look more awake (sans caffeine or concealer), and I've had zero breakouts for a full month. Sold! 


At our event with The Little Market two weeks ago, both Katie and Raven complimented my eyeshadow and said they each wanted to purchase it immediately. As much as I love trying out new makeup and skincare products, when it comes to my everyday makeup routine, I take a minimalist approach and only hold onto ones I truly love. This Dr. Hauschka eyeshadow is perfect for everyday shimmer and it's also buildable if you're looking for a more dramatic look. The shade is universally flattering and one of the products I'll buy over and over again. 


Have you seen Booksmart yet? It was a bit polarizing in our office (Katie didn't love it for trying too hard), but I spent a good portion of the movie crying I was laughing so hard. I loved Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever's performances, the friendship they portrayed, and the message of the movie: Don't judge people on their appearances. This interview with Director Olivia Wilde made me love her even more than I already did, as if that was possible, and I haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack since seeing it this weekend. 


I used to go to bed without washing off my makeup most nights until I realized just how much damage I was doing to my skin. Now I'm religious about it and no matter how exhausted I am, I always make it a priority, even though the act of splashing water on my face is so jolting when I'm about to go to sleep. And even though I'd considered cleansing wipes countless times, every kind I tried was either too fragranced and irritating, dried me out, or left me oily. It wasn't until a friend introduced me to these wipes after a late night out (we literally applied them lying next to each other in bed) that I became a convert. They leave my skin feeling hydrated, dewy, and completely free of any makeup and I've since bought multiple packs to keep extras on hand at home, in my car, and in my travel bag. 


My wallet is one of my favorite gifts I've ever gotten (thanks, Justin!), but it's pretty inconvenient when I travel. It's bulky and doesn't fit in many of my daintier purses (many of which I'll be using this summer for the weddings I'm attending). I also happen to love treating myself to a small gift when I'm on a vacation (something to remember the trip by!) and when I was in Paris earlier this month, I saw this cardholder at a boutique in the Marais. It's mauve-pink (a limited edition color that isn't online), compact, and the perfect size for any upcoming travel in the future. 


In preparation for trying on wedding dresses this month, I watched approximately 50 episodes of the delightful trash that is Say Yes To The Dress. Was it helpful? Not really, but I should have paid closer attention to the dramatic family dynamics and how hard/sad/weird it is when a bride falls in love with a dress that her entourage gives a solid "meh" to. After trying on around 25 dresses, I'm pretty sure I finally found THE DRESS that everyone approves of at Grace Loves Lace, a casual Australian mecca for those brides-to-be who prefer a stretchy pull-on dress that feels more like pajamas instead of poofy skirts and layers upon layers of tulle. Thank you, GLL, for existing, and for being the only shop to actually please both me and my (very opinionated) mother. 


Like most people, I'm pretty much obsessed with Rihanna. From her groundbreaking achievements to relatable personality, everything she does somehow makes me love her more. After watching countless beauty reviews praising her new Fenty line additions, I had to pick up a few products in pursuit of her effortless vibe. The bronzer (which I purchased in 'Shady Biz') is hands' down the creamiest bronzer I've used. It blends incredibly well and suits my freckled, but somehow tan, complexion. I've also been using the Killawatt highlighter as an eye shadow in the shade 'Wattabrat.' I love the unexpected pop of pink. 

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.