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What Our Team Loved in March

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

My dad always had beautiful fountain pens lying around his desk that I would steal anytime I got the chance. But as soon as I tried to use them, they sort of lost their appeal—you typically had to unscrew them instead of just popping off the cap and they were often heavy and aesthetically unappealing. So when I came across these adorable packs of fountain pens, in the cutest color combinations, I was sold (though Muji's .07 black pens will always be my everyday choice). Writing notes and letters might seem like a bit of an antiquated practice, but it's one I'll never give up, especially now that I've got the right tools. 


By the end of a day of skiing, I can never remember how many runs I did—was the quick run after lunch number six? Did we end up going doing that bowl once or twice? The app, Slopes, cures that curiosity by tracking the number of lifts and runs you take, and even your longest run and top speed with a map of your day. Other similar apps have existed, but this is the most user-friendly, accurate one I've found! It's so fun to open it up in the lodge with a beer—whether you're a pro skier or just getting started! 


Finding the right everyday lip color has always been a challenge for me. I want something noticeable but not too harsh on my pale complexion and dark features. After searching for years, I finally found my perfect match. This entire line from Dior is made for every day wear. It's subtle, 90's girl glossy, and somehow makes my lips look bigger. I seriously could not recommend Pink Glow and Berry more.


I mentioned this when I detailed my my Sunday routine, but The Ringer's Rewatchables podcast has improved my morning walks and my hour-long commute beyond measure. It covers films that the group can't seem to stop watching—those movies that you couldn't help but watch when you were scrolling through Netflix, like Pretty Woman and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's also lit a fire under my butt to start watching award-winning or cult-followed movies I missed so I can better follow the critiques and roundtable conversation.


I'd recommend this app to any woman on birth control. For some reason, I have had such a hard time getting ahold of my birth control over the past five years. I've been sent the wrong kind (resulting in many unexplainable tears and mood swings) and told my pill was in "short supply" and therefore unavailable. I found Nurx through a quick Google search, which delivers my birth control to me in the most stress-free way imaginable. They work with my insurance, text me order updates, and have the best customer service imaginable. 


I've been a fan of Living Proof for years (their dry shampoo smells divine) and bought the travel-sized version of this Dry Volume Blast to test-out before I really committed. I loved it so much, I went back to Sephora and bought the large bottle within the week. I spray some on my roots before I use my curling iron in the morning or toss a little through my hair when it's looking a little limp. It has that same delicious smell as the dry shampoo but really helps give my fine hair a bit more oomph.


I may not rock a party, but I LOVE a party game: Put aside the hors d'oeuvre and let's play some charades! Luckily, technology has met me halfway with the Jackbox line of party games. You no longer have to mime your favorite romantic comedy to an apathetic crowd: these video mini-games run the gamut from basic trivia competitions to drawing battles and more—all with a sense of humor and beautiful designs, plus they're incredibly fun, and all you need is a phone or a tablet to participate. Although there are are some options for two people, the games (and fun) grow exponentially when you can tap into the four-player or more games. Now I am looking to find an excuse to drag my Playstation to the office so we can play as a team and pit our skills against one another. 


At a recent makeup class, I was introduced to perhaps the single best foundation I'd ever tried. But unfortunately it came with a price tag to match. The Clé de Peau foundation (for those curious, the 030 is my correct match) costs $250 a jar and really does make a difference (G even commented on how "glowy and pretty" my skin looked as soon as I walked in the door from the makeup class). The next day, I went to the Clé de Peau makeup counter, but chickened out... though I did find a perfect compromise. I bought their Radiant Corrector for eyes: a moisturizing under-eye concealer that illuminates, diminishes fine lines, and evens out the skin. It's expensive, but a fraction of the cost of the foundation. Best yet, I've found that it works all over my skin and instead of wearing foundation, lately I've just been loading up on serum and moisturizer and then dabbing on this concealer as needed and have never gotten more compliments. 


I'm a lifelong obsessive list-maker—and previously used a combination of Excel and the Notes app to create budgets, trip and meal planning, and everything in between, but was always disappointed in the features. Air Table is the answer to my list-making prayers. It is easily the most user-friendly design for any chart, list, or organization tool you could ever need! I recently used it to plan a friend's baby shower, and also use it to plan larger editorial projects at work and have already transitioned all my cooking and budgeting tools over. 


February was my "purge your closet" month, and I got rid of five pairs of jeans that have been consistently on the B-List for the last year or so. I bought two pairs of jeans to replace them: a pair of Joe's Honey Ankle jeans (which I wrote about in our recent denim post), and these MOTHER jeans. I was surprised to find out that the entire office loves MOTHER, and I just couldn't find a pair that worked for me (especially given the price). But these, you guys. They fit me perfectly and have that "vintage" look I've been so desperately seeking, but couldn't find (until now!). 


I'm typically skeptical of apps that promise to organize a facet of your life that really doesn't require technology. After reading a glowing review, though, my fiancé and I couldn't resist Paprika. It completely streamlines the cooking process: You can put in your own recipes, download full recipes from your favorite online sites, save menus, and create grocery lists. Now, all my go-to meals are organized by source, serving size, and cooking time. 


Although winter in LA is far from "harsh", my hands seem to think (and visibly indicate) otherwise. For the past few months, I’ve suffered from dry, cracked hands which not only looked unpleasant but were also incredibly painful. After a lot of trial and error, I've finally found a regimen that moisturizes my hands throughout the night so each day they're smooth and crack-free. Every night, I rub a high-quality oil onto my nails and knuckles, then apply O'Keeffe's Working Hand Cream (this is the key player here!), and finally slip on my moisturizing gloves. By morning, my hands are as soft as a baby's. (P.S., If you have my tips for combatting dry hands, I'd love to hear them!) 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.