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What Our Team Loved in June

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

I'd heard about this book for a long time, but it wasn't until I had some separation from my grandmother's death that I was able to read it. It was, as I had no doubt it'd be, profoundly moving, whether you have a personal connection or not. 


It's been nearly a decade since I've gone through a breakup, but holy heck do I remember how badly it hurt. I was wrecked from the experience and struggled with depression for the first time in my life, which ultimately led me to discover therapy. At the time, I remember wishing there were more online resources for recovering from a breakup, which is why I was so excited to learn about Mend. It's no replacement for therapy, but exactly the kind of thing I wish had existed then. After answering a few questions (I answered them as I would have then, to get a sense of how it would have helped), you listen to an audio training that's similar to Headspace, then journal and log self care activities. Each day, the app checks in with you and records the days since your breakup and since your last contact with your ex, in addition to providing helpful articles and a Facebook Group. It's a must for anyone going through the pain of a split! 


I recently purged my bathroom of products I don't use, and when I was making the "donate" and "keep" piles, I came across a scrub I'd gotten as a gift from an event with surfer Malia Manuel last year. I thought about donating it, but had read that coffee scrub has tons of benefits, both for your skin and body, and this one only had seven ingredients: coffee, water, coconut oil, sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, Vitamin E and ylang-ylang essential oil. Two days later, I was hooked. Not only did it leave my post-shower body super smooth, it also made my entire bathroom smell incredible after each use. 


I've genuinely gone my whole life without using hair products. My hair is shoulder length, pin-straight, and relatively voluminous. While I can get away with waking up and walking out the door, my hair isn't as enviable as some of my colleagues' hair that is fully treated and styled. When I was sent these R+Co x Fred Segal Products, I was instantly pulled in by their chic, Californian packaging and their curator, Ashley Streicher. Ashley is one of the foremost experts on hair, and her clients include some of my style icons like Kiernan Shipka. I've started using her moisture and shine lotion, dry shampoo, and texture spray regularly and have gotten more compliments in one month than I ever have on my hair. 


Years ago the Daily Show made U.S. satirical news programs (that were secretly actually just informative) bankable. With our current political climate, it seems people are enjoying mixing their comedy and news more than ever (hmm, I won't theorize too much there). I recently added Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj to my Netflix queue, and it's easily become a favorite among John Oliver and Samantha Bee's programs. Hasan is witty and charismatic, plus I have found the subjects his show covers don't overlap with his competitors (a recent piece on Internet inequality was a standout). If you have space in your "comedic-take-on-the-news" programming, I recommend giving Patriot Act a stream.


This month I effectively became a cult member. The day after my first 20-minute ride, I had some pretty uncomfortable butt bruises that made sitting fairly unpleasant, and also made me question my sanity after buying the bike without ever having taken an indoor cycling class first (I guess I'm a risk taker?). Jess assured me that the pain would go away after three rides, but I decided to fight fire with cushion and bought these padded bike shorts and this padded seat cover as preventative measures. Now I'm cycling in my living room every other day, bruise-free and landing solidly in the bottom third of the leaderboard. Big shout-outs to Ally and Cody, my favorite instructors so far.


Among the countless skincare products I've tried, this facial oil is the only one from which I saw immediate results (mere hours after application) as well as holistic, lasting improvement in my skin. I have rosy cheeks and sensitive skin, and this product is incredibly soothing, helps even my skin tone, and encourages a healthy glow. I apply it morning and night, and when used in conjunction with this sweet cherry enzyme peel, my skin has never looked healthier. I'm hooked. 


My tried and true daily breakfast of sautéed spinach and eggs with Bulletproof coffee leaves little room for cereal. When it comes to my sugar intake, I'd rather spend it on an "actual dessert," like ice cream, instead of a bowl of breakfast with half the sugar of a can of coke. When I came across Magic Spoon Cereal, a "healthy" alternative to classic cereal, I was intrigued to say the least. In place of cane sugar, the cereal uses allulose, a natural raisin-derived sugar that allegedly doesn't affect blood sugar levels and is packed with protein. Here's the thing: While it's marketed as a cereal replacement, I'll probably just reach for a bowl of Life when I want it; the real opportunity for Magic Spoon is as a fun alternative to a protein bar when you're hangry at work (heads up: it really does taste more similar to a protein bar than a cereal, despite its Cheerios-like shape). I've taken to keeping Magic Spoon's Coco flavor at my desk for those times when my, or a coworker's, hanger strikes. 


A few months ago, Jess told me about a brilliant approach her parents took to allowance. They effectively split it four ways, dividing it between a short-term goal, longterm goal, charity money, and pocket money. The exercise stuck with her so effectively that she keeps it in the back of her mind to this day, and I loved the idea of teaching Sloan the same financial lessons. When Eva Chen wrote about this piggy bank, which has compartments for "Save," "Spend," and "Share," in her newsletter this week, I bought it on the spot. 


When Katie informed me that there would be a Clare V. sample sale in LA a few weeks ago, I cleared my Saturday morning. I waited in line, sifted through the hundreds of pieces, and left with three wins: A beaded round purse (similar here), a new work bag (this guy in army green), and this flat clutch in a ribbed camel leather. I almost put the clutch back (it was $90 at the sale), but decided to splurge and make it my new makeup bag (I'd been using an old Glossier pouch that whose closure was hanging on by a thread). When I traveled last weekend, it felt so elevated and immediately sparked joy as I took it out of my suitcase (plus I got two compliments from the friends I was sharing my hotel room with). Definitely worth the splurge! 


Anyone else love a good robot movie?? My fiancé Alfie and I play a game during the week where we start a movie around 9:30 p.m. and see how long I can stay awake, but with this particular film, the tables were finally turned. While Alfie fell asleep halfway through, I stayed up until 11:30 p.m. on a weeknight (gasp!) to finish this slightly disturbing robot apocalypse movie; a Netflix original with a "humans went extinct due to some unknown disaster–now what?" kind of plot (P.S. not a spoiler). I'll be honest and say that it's not as good as Ex Machina (yes, I have a favorite robot movie), but it was definitely worth a watch if only to marvel at Hilary Swank's intense facial expressions or discover the delight that is Danish actress Clara Rugaard. 


When I went to Paris in March, I asked the office if anyone wanted products from the French Pharmacy. Naturally, our skincare expert, Anne, instantly requested this sunscreen. Given her expertise and the product's popularity in France, I picked one up for myself during my trip, and, oh my god, this stuff works. During a trip to Aruba last week, where I experienced the strongest sun in my life, this product saved my skin from being covered in freckles and/or a burn. It spread evenly, stayed all day, and even smelled good (if you like that French-chemical smell, which I absolutely do). Although you may want to avoid dunking your head under the water while wearing the sunscreen—the burning eye sensation is no joke.

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.