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What Our Team Loved in July

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

When a friend came over recently, whom I hadn't seen in over a year, I was blown away by how great she looked. She was wearing her hair styled naturally for the first time and the result was effortless, shiny waves with absolutely zero frizz. While LA summers are known to get hot, humid they are not, at least until recently... and it's made me want to pick up my styling tools again to avoid the crown of flyaways that have taken up residence around my face. Luckily my friend was willing to share her secret: Olaplex styling cream, which I promptly bought that same afternoon. A tiny bit goes a long way and when applied right out of the shower, I'm left with glossy hair that's frizz-free and defined waves that still look beachy. - Emily


In July, after months of researching and comparing the best kayak options, Jonah and I finally bought a foldable (!) Oru Kayak on the basis that we'd get far more use out of an option we could fit in our trunk, rather than secure on top. We bought a refurbished version of the 'Inlet,' a one-person option that's best for casual kayaking in calm water. It folds into a small twenty-pound suitcase and turns into a kayak in about two minutes, and is large and sturdy enough to fit Toast! We've taken to spending post-work evenings exploring the Willamette River by kayak and SUP, and I can hardly imagine a better investment (so much so, that we're already considering buying a second!). If you're interested, this link will give us each $50 off for when I make the inevitable leap (plunge??). - Leslie


Most evenings, you can find me throwing on reruns of Glee, How I Met Your Mother, or any of the Harry Potter movies for the nine thousandth time. It take some serious convincing to get me to commit to something new (yes, I recognize this is an area that could use some personal improvement), and after badgering me for weeks to watch The Mitchells vs the Machines, Justin wore me down. Part of me wanted to refrain from including this on my favorite things from the month because it would mean giving him the satisfaction of knowing he was right... but the movie was that good. I laughed hysterically, cried multiple times, and then I had my mind blown when I read through the cast – trust me (and Justin) on this one, and add it to your "to-watch" list. - Jess


I'm baaaaack with another wild sci-fi book recommendation! If you loved The Martian (either the book or the movie, I don't judge), Project Hail Mary will probably be a winner for you. Ryland Grace, a junior high school science teacher, wakes up alone on a spaceship very far from Earth with no memory of why he's there. As the book progresses, Ryland slowly remembers the months before he left Earth in a series of flashbacks, and learns that he's the sole survivor of a one-way mission to save Earth from an alien life form that is stealing energy from the sun and will eventually cause an extinction-level event. The best part of the book is what happens to Ryland when he reaches his destination (a planet outside of our solar system that he intends to study to find answers on how to save Earth), but no spoilers because it was so delightful, uplifting, and fun you'll just have to find out for yourself! - Kelly


I’m always on the lookout for new hair products to spruce up my curls. After recently coming across a video of Zendaya giving a hair styling tutorial, I immediately went to Target to purchase everything she used. I may be a super fan, but I’m also obsessed with her hair. Growing up biracial, I never really saw people who looked like me in the magazines, and there wasn’t much guidance out there on how to style different hair textures. Zendaya’s video solved that problem. I finally saw myself being represented in pop culture, and I found a product that would work for me. The main product she used was Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls, which is a leave-in conditioner, typically applied to damp hair right after a shower. What I love most about it is the description: “Where do you fit? You have a multitude of textures, or come from a beautiful mix of different ethnicities, but cannot find styling products that work for your unique curls…” basically speaking to my soul. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my curls feeling hydrated, moisturized, and lightweight. What more could a curly girl want? Thank you, Zendaya! - Lauren

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As I enter my mid-twenties, relationships and how they evolve have been on my mind a lot. Moving across the world from a city full of all my closest friends really put things into perspective. It taught me that different relationships need different things to thrive. And that some relationships, you simply outgrow. I picked up this book on a recent trip to Portland (at, you guessed it, Powell's) because I'm at this point in my life where I don't feel like I'm being the greatest friend I could be. Written by two best friends, this book makes a big argument for not giving up on what they call Big Friendships. They talk about the ebb and flow of their friendship over the course of 10 years and it left me feeling incredibly grateful for the people in my life, and all the ways they choose to show up. - Cass

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A few weeks back I decided to treat myself to some new sunglasses, fully prepared to make an investment on an accessory I'd theoretically wear on a daily basis. But after trying on dozens of pairs without falling in love with a single one, I left the store feeling deflated and resigned to the fact that more current styles simply don't look good on my face (I never said I'm not dramatic). But after a recent stroll through an Urban Outfitters, I came across a pair of sunglasses that checked all the boxes. The silhouette is reminiscent of a classic style (Ray-Ban Wayfarers) that somehow still feels fresh and cool. I would have been willing to spend way more than their $16 cost, though obviously that was just an additional perk. - Emily

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I'd been excited about/eager to share Maison de la Muse even before they walked our team through a fun and informative Zoom rosato tasting last month. Why? It's founded by one of my oldest friends, Willa (that's her on the left!) and her college roommate Dana (on the right)! Maison de La Muse specializes in natural and biodynamic wines, with an emphasis on wines made by female winemakers. While they're only delivering in L.A. at the moment (with plans to expand, but liquor licenses are complicated!), I was able to try some of their wines when I was in L.A. recently and was seriously blown away. I can't wait to sign up for their wine club, which is impressively reasonable considering the quality of their wines. Okay, proud friend rant over! But when Willa comes by to deliver your wine, say hi for me! - Leslie

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When Evermill slid into my DMs during our kitchen renovation, I felt like I was getting a message from a crush. I'd seen the spice racks on Instagram and immediately thought that it was the single most stunning way to display spices, but hadn't decided if it would be worth giving up the counter space. They generously gifted us a rack, and everything from the exquisite packaging to the refills to the quality of the glass jars exceeded my expectations. It genuinely looks like art. Justin and I love having the open canisters to pinch and scoop spices from, and we'll never go back to shakers. - Jess

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This sandalwood-centric scent has been our bestselling candle on the Shop for years, but because we've been working from home for what feels like forever, I only remember smelling it once and thinking it was just fine. While at Jess' house a few Mondays ago watching The Bachelorette, I walked into her bathroom and was met with one of the loveliest scents I've ever encountered and demanded to know what it was. Jess just kind of stared at me and asked if I was messing with her or really just didn't recognize our bestselling candle scent–I think I tried to play it cool, but definitely had no idea it smelled like that! I sheepishly bought one for myself the next day and am now considering the body oil, hand lotion, and any other sandalwood/cedarwood scented things I can get my hands on. - Kelly


I recently made friends with a neighbor of mine and one afternoon she dropped by with this frozen treat. She didn't know it yet but strawberry is one of my favorite ice cream flavors (no, I'm not ashamed!). It's light and not so sweet that it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth. I got very close to finishing the entire pint one sitting. The almond brittle is just enough to give you a small crunch but not large enough for you to pick out the pieces. Already preparing to stock up on my next Trader Joe's run. - Cass


This 8-in-1 tinted moisturizer is a dream and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Before getting hooked on this product, finding the right liquid foundation was always a challenge, as the products I used were either too heavy, left my face feeling clogged and shiny, or didn’t match my skin color. I’ve come to realize that tinted moisturizers are the way to go! This one in particular also happens to be a salicylic acid acne treatment, which is super helpful in clearing up any acne or problem areas. It works as a moisturizer, concealer and pore minimizer, adjusts to any skin tone, and leaves a matte finish. It’s perfect for summer when I’m not putting on as much makeup and has quickly become my go-to daily skincare product. - Lauren

P.S. Leslie will be back next Monday with a fresh List! x 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.