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What Our Team Loved in January

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

I used the same foaming cleanser for years, without considering whether it was right for my skin, mainly because anything that gets so sudsy just feels like it's effective. But as it turns out, all of that foaming isn't particularly good for those of us with sensitive, dry skin so I switched it up recently and have been thrilled with the results. This cleanser glides on more like a lotion rather than a harsh soap and I'm left with skin that feels dewy and clean, but not stripped. - Emily


I used to have a carton of old batteries that I took with me everywhere. Maybe I should explain: I kept them in my car, with the intention of someday taking them to a recycling facility, but just never got around to it. Same applied to the lightbulbs, un-donatable clothes, and various plastic packaging I squirreled away and literally moved with. Ridwell (available in select cities) solves this problem by picking up hard-to-recycle items, and thoughtfully disposing of them for you. See you later, batteries! - Leslie


Lately, Justin and I have had a tough time finding media we're both excited to watch. He's more into 'Tiger,' I'm more into "Never Have I Ever" – but luckily, "Lupin" arrived to provide three glorious nights of entertainment (there are five hour-long episodes in the series that we desperately tried not to binge...clearly, we failed). I wasn't familiar with Arsène Lupin, the master of disguise and gentleman thief in the classic French novels and novellas, but this adaptation blew me away from the first half-hour. Omar Sy (of 'Intouchables', which I also highly recommend) is dazzling, charms you from the get-go, and portrays such a complex and complicated character with charisma and care that you manage to forget he's a criminal. The show weaves in multiple examples of blatant racism (which France is notorious for) brilliantly and effectively, and provided someone without context (me!) a glimpse at the stark contrast in the conditions of a Parisian prison versus an American prison (spoiler alert: American jails are despicable). The original is in French, with options to watch with subtitles or the dubbed version, so if you have a Netflix subscription, add this to your "To Watch" list immediately (and get to it before part two is released!). - Jess


I don't talk about food very often, but when I do, there's a REASON. To keep myself entertained (and fed) I've been making a different batch of soup every Sunday or Monday night so far in January, and this Thai noodle soup is quite literally the best soup I've ever made. I'm not one to ever stick to a recipe (it's a character flaw) so I subbed in pork, green curry, and udon noodles, added some kick with both cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes, tripled the garlic, and BAM. It's like green curry and pork ramen had a beautiful, delicious child. Am I allowed to make this soup every week for the rest of winter? - Kelly


Vintage-inspired Instagram accounts have brought me a lot of joy lately. I’ve always loved classic movies, for both the romance and the style. So if you love fun facts and nostalgic posts, I highly recommend giving @ladame.vintagefashion a follow. I always feel a sense of joy when I’m scrolling and one of their posts pop up. It’s a great way to discover films I haven’t seen and learn new things about the ones I have seen. This compilation of all Elizabeth Taylor’s outfits in the movie “A Place in The Sun” had me deep diving through Etsy, looking for my next vintage hit. Now if only I had a place to even wear those outfits... - Cass


As soon as I found out Bryan Cranston was starring in a new miniseries (from the producers of 'The Night Of') I immediately added it to our must-watch list. In it, he plays a judge who grapples with his own principles after his son is involved in a hit and run. It's gripping, nerve-wracking and suspenseful from the very first episode, and the backdrop of New Orleans sets the stage for thought-provoking take on race, privilege, and deceit. - Emily

IMG_5596 copy

Remember that time I wrote a love letter to expensive soaps? From apartments to new homes, I'm a firm believer that a hand soap has the ability to transform a regular activity (not to mention sink) into something luxurious. When Jess shared in our company Slack that her friend had launched a new hand wash company, Dally, and had offered to send our team a few of her soaps, I was elated. The containers are beautifully designed with minimal text and the soaps smell so good. My favorite of the three is "Barefoot in the Grass," which has a blend of eucalyptus and basil that's perfect for the kitchen (gifted). - Leslie


I know I'm not alone when I say that drinking my morning coffee is one of the most consistent and grounding rituals that I look forward to every. single. day. So when I find a product that takes it to a whole new level, I first rejoice, and then share it with all of you. I love following Alisha Ramos of Girls' Night In and Whiled on Instagram, and when she mentioned last year that this coffee creamer will change you life, I thought she was being hyperbolic. Turns out it's the greatest addition to black coffee I've found since I discovered Califia Farms' Unsweetened Barista Blend Oat Milk. Don't go for the vanilla – it's too saccharine – just stick with the sweet cream and thank me later. - Jess


I don't know how I missed watching 'The Good Place' from 2016 to 2020 or what exactly possessed me to finally start it this year, but... WOW. I watched all four seasons in a single week, if that helps illustrate how much I loved it. In the first episode, Kristen Bell's character, Eleanor, wakes up in "The Good Place" after being hit and killed by a runaway group of rogue grocery carts, but it's immediately clear to her that there's been a big mistake. It's a hysterically funny comedy that somehow also manages to makes moral philosophy kind of... sexy? I'm devastated there were only four seasons, but it was a very intentional choice and the series finale is so phenomenal I can't even be mad that it's over. - Kelly 


You know that feeling when you finish a book or series and wish you could experience it all over again for the first time? That's exactly how I feel about this Spanish TV series. I spent a few weeks quarantining with my cousins and decided to binge this with them. Since it was their first time, I had to really restrain myself and not let any spoilers out. There are four seasons, with just under 10 episodes per season. Without giving anything away, it's about a group of criminals brought together to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. It's a really fast-paced show but so well-written. Even watching it for the second time, I still found myself being surprised at all the twists. I know we're not supposed to root for criminals but I challenge you not to fall in love with this mixed lot of characters. I also highly recommend watching with subtitles and not with the English dub—it's a really talented cast and part of the magic is in their incredible delivery. - Cass

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.