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What Our Team Loved in February

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

When I asked for your suggestions for the best true crime podcasts on Instagram a while back, you guys really brought it. We sorted through thousands of suggestions, and the one that kept coming up was 22 Hours. It follows the 22 hours leading up to the deaths of four people who were held hostage and killed before a massive fire broke out in the home. It's brilliantly reported, chilling in its piecing together of what transpired, using video surveillance, voicemails and witness accounts. It's a horrific tragedy, and the storytelling of what happened is some of the best I've heard since the first season of Serial. 


Ashley Kane has become one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram for her interior design ideas, style, and wine recommendations. Her judgement hasn't let me down yet, so when she linked her wedding playlists to her Instagram at the same time I was creating mine, I immediately put them on. The playlists are organized by "Wedding Guest Arrival," "Wedding Cocktail Hour," "Wedding Dinner," and "Wedding DJ Mix." As someone who is not hiring a DJ or band, they've been invaluable resources! I'll be sharing my own, including the songs we're walking down the aisle to, after the party this spring!


After Leslie's friend Alice Ann shared her simple post-baby makeup routine, Maelove's CEO, Jackie, sent samples of these two products to the office back in 2019, and I took them skeptically (since I was pretty happy with my skincare routine). I'm here to tell you that they have completely transformed my skin. The serum has faded nearly all the acne scarring on my chin, and the face oil smells like absolute heaven. I just purchased my refill on both, and I've already convinced my sister to add them both to her skin regimen. 


When it comes to warmer weather, I like to imagine I'm summering in Tuscany. This means constantly eating bread dipped in olive oil, reading under a nice sun hat, and, of course, wearing white, peasant dresses. Even though I live off Melrose Ave., not a grapevine-covered hill, this gorgeous linen dress has me feeling like a true Italian. I love how flattering the sleeves and bust are, the simplicity of the outfit as a whole, and the luxe, linen material. It's breathable and memorable, and I know I'll be wearing it as much as possible on my honeymoon, whether I'm walking the streets of Porto or lounging in the South of France! (P.S.: This dress is on sale in the cutest prints right now during the Sleeper Spring Sale!) 


At a photo shoot a couple of months back, the makeup artist asked if I'd like eyedrops, to which I agreed, since they were still red and sleepy due to our early morning call time. I was instructed to look at the 'before' in her handheld mirror and then again a few minutes after I used them to see if I noticed a difference. And without being overly dramatic, I still can't believe just how well they worked. The whites of my eyes popped and looked bright and clear. I literally bought it on the spot, and while it's safe to use up to four times a day, I only find I use it once on mornings when I need a little extra pep in my step. 


Pet owners, this one is for you. I've been using a sticky roller thing for YEARS trying to remove Alexa hair from every single piece of clothing I own, to varying degrees of success/frustration. This pet brush isn't perfect, but it works SO MUCH BETTER than the sticky roller and doesn't create any waste. Instead of using three sticky sheets on a single sweater, I just brush the hair off until the blue brush is full with hair and lint, push it back into the self-cleaning base, and it's ready to use again! It works miracles on my velvet couch too. Why did no one recommend this to me sooner...???? 


Let me start this by explaining that I have never felt more strongly about any product ever. No exaggeration, this is the best sh*t of my life. During the winter months (L.A. has winters too for those of you rolling your eyes!), my skin gets extremely dry and irritated; nothing seems to relieve and rehydrate my lips, cuticles, and knees better than Lucas' Papaw Ointment. While I only recently discovered it, Emily has been using it since for years. Made from fresh, fermented Carica papaya, this Australian topical application can help soothe anything from bug bites and burns to chafing and splinters. I mostly use it as a chapstick, though, and absolutely love the natural, fruity residue it leaves on my lips. Remember that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Gus uses Windex to solve any and all issues? That is the person I have become with this shiny red tube. 


It goes without saying that I'm extremely loyal to cupcakes and cashmere's jewelry—I have received more compliments on my hanging disc earrings than any other piece in my life, engagement ring aside. That said, I recently came across Local Eclectic, a female-founded, female-run online jewelry company based in Chicago, and spent the better part of an hour scrolling through their stunning rings. While I have yet to pull the trigger on buying one, despite their very reasonable prices (between an engagement ring and band, I'm maxed out in ring purchases this year), I love these birth stone rings, this stacking ring with baguette CZs, and am biased towards this one, which looks a bit like the wedding band I had custom-made! Will be sharing that one soon. ;) 


By now, you probably know I have a thing for (okay, a You-level obsession with) vintage denim. I find the hunt for them nearly as gratifying as the final purchase, but lately, I've found a new "Beck" to lust over...actually two. AGOLDE's Ripley and Lana are everything I've ever wanted in a pair of vintage-inspired jeans, and while they're similar, they have a few key differences that made buying both worth it. They're high-rise (the Lana is mislabeled as low-rise, and I'm confused by it), and there's no chance of distressing (unlike worn, vintage jeans). I'll be rotating through these two pairs until they fall apart. 


There's nothing like a bad haircut to really make you reevaluate your hair routine. After an unfortunate layer situation in November, I've been trying to grow my hair out and nothing has helped more than these drops. After showering and putting Oribe's hair oil in, I've been grabbing a few drops of this solution and massaging it into my ends. I've noticed a significant decrease in breakage, making my hair grow faster. I'm almost rid of the bad layers, but this product is here to stay.


For a pretty hardcore sci-fi fan, I was definitely sleeping on this 2016 thriller by Blake Crouch. I've been reviewing books on Instagram since last summer, and this is the only book (so far) that I've given a 10/10. I don't want to give anything away, but if you've ever wondered what your life might look like if you had taken a different path than the one you're on now, this book might be for you. I followed it up with Season 1 of Wayward Pines on Hulu, based on Crouch's book trilogy of the same name, and was NOT disappointed! (Leslie loved it too!) 


About a month ago, I was attending a cookbook signing at one of my favorite L.A. bookstores, Now Serving, when I set eyes on this beautifully packaged jar of golden turmeric. I had heard a lot of positive reviews of Diaspora Co., praising the company’s founder, Sana Javeri Kadri, for her focus on equitable and sustainable farming practices, single origin products, direct trade, and, of course, flavorful spices. It was then that one of the employees, sensing my hesitation of whether or not to purchase (I already own a lottttt of spices), came over and earnestly professed that this was simply “the BEST turmeric [he] had ever had.” I was immediately sold and have since left my sad supermarket spice buying days in the past. Over the last month, I have been stirring my turmeric into soups and The Stew, generously pouring it over popcorn with nutritional yeast, and incorporating it into pretty much everything Bon Appetit tells me to eat. This stuff really is (powder) gold! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.