Wedding Worries

{Trying on dresses at Gabriella Bridal Salon back in November}

{Trying on dresses at Gabriella Bridal Salon back in November}

 On February 14th, my fiancé called me to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day (I was still in New York at the time) and then said, "I can't wait to marry you in two months." It was such a sweet moment, and yet somehow I simply couldn't get my head around the fact that there were only a few weeks left until our wedding. I'm a notorious worrier - and since we only have a couple things left to finalize (our cake tasting is this afternoon!), I've suddenly found myself getting overwhelmed by the whole thing. I'm not a fan of New Year's Eve, my birthday parties are a constant source of panic, and events that have a lot of hype around them just turn me off. But now that we're mere weeks away from arguably the biggest day of our lives, I want to embrace it with every ounce of my being. The best advice I received when we first got engaged came from a dear friend who reminded me that as soon as the planning process became stressful or unenjoyable, to take a step back and regroup. There were certainly times throughout the past year that we considered eloping or just driving down to the courthouse, but in the end, I think we did a good job of truly savoring our engagement. So instead of worrying if my mascara will be waterproof enough, if we'll have beautiful weather, or what will happen if I completely forget my vows, I've finally come around to the idea of letting myself be undeniably thrilled about our wedding.