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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

A few gift ideas for the loves in your life.
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A week after Sloan was born (exactly two years ago!), it was Valentine's Day and we didn't know which way was up. My mom had just left after helping us get settled with our newborn and a few days later, we received an unexpected package in the mail from her. Inside was a thoughtfully curated Valentine's Day care package, complete with a heart onesie for Sloan, pink Rapha cycling socks for G (which happens to be his favorite cycling brand), and cute lacy boy shorts for me. The thought was so touching—especially considering there was nothing romantic or cheesy about it—that last year I adopted the idea and began creating Valentine's Day care packages for the women in my life. It's a small thing, but it serves as a little reminder of how much they mean to me. Here are some items I'm considering gifting this year to inspire your own Galentine's Day gifting:

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1. An Instagram-worthy Valentine's Day calls for big gold "XOXO" balloons.

2. This Heart-covered S'well bottle is for the well-hydrated romantic.

3. A fun and flirty phone case.
4. Spread the love wherever you go with this pin.
5. Add some sparkle to your makeup routine with shimmery rose gold eye shadow.

6. See your memories instantly with a pretty pink polaroid camera.
7. A simple, chic card for your significant other. 

8. The perfect rose-scented candle.

9. Nothing is sweeter than "I Love You" panties in multiple languages. 

10. The cutest matches to light up the night. 

11. Prettiest pixie-rose lipstick with an actual flower inside. 

12. A pink purse-meets-camera case for your night out.

13. This simple diamond and rose gold cuff would make the perfect gift (hint, hint).

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.