Unexpected Hostess Gift


A while back, we hosted a big group of friends for a dinner party. Every guest texted me beforehand to ask what he or she could bring, to which I replied "nothing." And I truly meant it. We were set on everything - wine, cheese, flowers, and more wine. And while nobody came empty-handed, one friend showed up with the perfect gift: breakfast for the next morning. It was such a thoughtful gesture and after a long night of entertaining and the inevitable dishes that piled in the sink, I loved that I still had something to look forward to. And sure enough, the next day I padded into the kitchen, my head heavy from the night before, and enjoyed two pieces of toast with jelly (Pomegranate Blood Orange, no less). Since I also refuse to show up empty-handed, the next time a hostess insists that I shouldn't bring anything, I'm bringing breakfast.