Why we're headed East for our next vacation!
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About 3 years ago, G and I had begun planning a trip to Japan for his birthday. We'd started picking the restaurants to visit and had a rough itinerary mapped out. And then, just like that, I got pregnant. Since I wasn't that keen on the idea of being so far away from home (especially without being able to indulge in sushi or sake), we decided to postpone the trip for awhile. That while is now. I've been dropping some hints along the way, and on March 23rd, I'm taking G on his long-overdue birthday trip.

We went back and forth as to whether or not we should take Sloan, but ultimately felt she'd be better suited to stay with my parents while we're away. This will probably be one of our last big trips without her, so we're going to squeeze in as many non-kid-friendly activities as possible. We'll be in Tokyo for the majority of our stay and are heading to Kyoto for two nights to make the most of cherry blossom season. G has a pretty detailed map created (with spots to eat, drink, shop, etc.), but I'd be so appreciative of any recommendations you may have! Of course I plan on bringing an entire carry-on to fill with gummies, little outfits for Sloan, stationery, makeup, and ceramic homeware.

The hardest part about planning a trip is how much we'll miss Sloan. I remember crying myself to sleep each night prior to our Paris trip last year, which turned out to be wonderful, for everyone. We can't wait to eventually show her the world, while still making sure we always set aside time to explore, just the two of us.