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3 Summer Weekenders

Things to pack for your next getaway.
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1. Bucket Hat - A canvas bucket hat works equally well for while lounging on the lake as it does on a hiking trail.

2. Bug Spray - A non-offensive bug repellent via Coqui Coqui that doesn't smell like, well, bug spray (and I love the chic packaging).

3. Slip-ons - These perforated slip ons are a nice alternative to water shoes.

4. Sunglasses - I usually rely on oversized sunglasses to nip sun-glare in the bud, and love that these gold ones are under $10.

5. One-piece - Packing minimally is at the top of my priority list for a lake trip so I like that this seersucker swimsuit can do double duty as a top.

6. Pull-on Shorts - Easy shorts that have no zippers, ties or buttons. 

7. Favorite Childhood Cereal - We always bring little boxes of cereal when we go on trips and I look forward to waking up each morning to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

8. Protective Lipstick - I always forget to put sunblock on my lips so I'm thrilled that my favorite tinted formula also contains SPF.

9. Portable Speaker - Download your favorite podcasts and bring a tiny portable speaker so that you can listen while hanging out by the water.


1. Tote - Carry an extra roomy tote so you can bring all of the essentials plus a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Wine Opener - Pack a small wine bottle opener so you can try out a brand new bottle in the hotel room later that night or out for a picnic during the day.

3. Chic Sandals - Vineyards are oftentimes nestled into sprawling properties so comfortable shoes are a must. This embellished pair fits the bill.

4. Easy Romper - Rompers are the ultimate easy-to-wear item, but this tiered black one piece also looks fancy enough to wear to dinner.

5. Hat - A lightweight straw hat is perfect for daytime, and you can easily throw it into your tote when dinner rolls around.

6. Wine Stopper - For bottles you don't finish, this marble bottle stopper is both functional and beautiful.

7. Traveling Bottle Bag - These padded travel bags are the best way to keep your bottles from breaking. 


1. Pouch - Bring a pouch to the beach to keep valuables safe and sand-free. This shark printed one is an homage to G's favorite movie, Jaws.

2. Gourmet S'mores - Take a classic fireside treat to a new level with this gourmet s'mores kit, which includes hand crafted honey grahams, vanilla marshmallows and salted chocolate.

3. Cover-Up - An easy cover up that would look equally as good with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

4. Bikini - I'm a sucker for a scalloped edge and love the pretty powder blue color on this bikini set.

5. Paddles - I'm competitive by nature, so a trip to the beach has to include some type of game. I like Paddle ball because it can be enjoyed by just about everyone. 

6. Wide Brim Hat - A beach hat with a floppy brim so that your face and shoulders get plenty of shade.

7. Turkish Towel - Turkish towels are not only super absorbent but they're large, so a couple of people can spread out on one towel. 

8. Lace-Up Sandals - These lace-up gladiator sandals are a little bit more special than flip flops, but just as comfortable.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.