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Things I Learned After Turning 30: Defining My Taste


It took me a long time to pin down my style and I assume it will continue to shift throughout the years. Part of the reason was that shopping used to be a mindless pastime where I would spend my days impulsively buying things I didn't really love. There was little thought about the item's lifespan. My wasteful accumulation can partly be attributed to my line of work: I felt a (self-imposed) pressure to look a certain way and to decorate my home in a specific aesthetic. As I entered my thirties, I started to nail down a uniform and became comfortable choosing the things that made me feel most like myself.


1.Wardrobe: I used to love spending my weekend going on huge "cheapie" hauls. I’d come home with piles of trendy, inexpensive pieces (5-inch platforms and glittery skirts come to mind) that I'd wear once then relegate to the back of my closet. Now, defining my taste means making sure that anything I buy isn't an impulse purchase. I used to be far too captivated by sales and would swipe things up simply because they were cheaper than usual. My new rule of thumb: I only purchase discounted items if I could see myself paying full price for them. I've nailed down a uniform now and I stick to it. I feel the best when I'm wearing skinny jeans, heels and a button-up: a good balance between feminine and easy-going and I think figuring out that look comes from me being more comfortable in my skin. 

2.Home Decor: For years, my apartments were almost exclusively furnished with flea market items. And while I still love a good vintage piece, I found myself limited by the options I'd find and would settle for things that weren't quite right. Like a coffee table with a missing leg (seriously) that I had the best of intentions to replace (I never did), or a rug that was way too bright. Part of it was the thrill of the hunt, but ultimately, I had to reevaluate my aesthetic in order to make better decisions. In order to refine my taste, I looked through photographs and pinpointed the things I was drawn to. Even if I wasn't aware, themes began to emerge within each room and now I'm much better about trusting my gut when something feels like a good fit for my home.

3.Beauty: I’m a sucker for all things beauty and have been since I discovered the power of makeup in the latter part of high school (I was a late bloomer). My early twenties were ripe with experimentation, and I would buy the newest, name-brand nail polishes and lipsticks without a second thought. I switched up my routine often, but as with my fashion uniform, I now rely on a couple of looks. One of the benefits of being in front of a camera is that I'm quickly able to determine if a product or hairstyle suits me and when it doesn't, I ditch it. If you look at my makeup cabinet now, it's a very curated selection of items I wear on a regular basis. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.