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The Weird Thing I'm Always Googling


I consider myself to be a pretty proactive person. It's not that I'm against asking for help, but I like to exhaust all possibilities before reaching out to others for assistance. That means I look things up online a lot. Whether I'm searching for the lyrics of a song, teaching myself back-end coding or seeing how much a particular movie grossed in its opening weekend, I constantly look things up. 

The other day G was using my phone while we were lying on the couch and went to Google, which showed my old searches. He turned the phone towards me laughing and asked, "Little preoccupied with height, aren't you?" And he's right. I have a weird obsession with knowing how tall people are and could probably rattle off the stats of just about everyone in Hollywood. It's not like I bust out this information at cocktail parties or anything ("Hey did you know that Emilio Estevez is only 5'4"?"), but I'm always fascinated to see if a particular person is as tall as I'd expect them to be. 

Do you have any random/embarrassing things you're constantly Googling?

P.S. I'm just over 5'6" for those of you who are similarly curious about other people's height.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links