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The Tech That Manages My Life

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I am not an early adopter. Actually, I’m pretty averse to change and am often the last one to try a new app or service (I joined Instagram months after my friends because I didn't see the need to take even more photographs. Now I'm pretty obsessed). However, when there’s a piece of technology that can make my life easier, I'm usually open to giving it a try. Here's the tech apps and services that help manage my personal and professional life. Also, most of them are free and have a desktop and mobile version, so you can move between devices seamlessly.


Asana: A no-frills workflow platform that makes me feel organized and productive. It’s nice to check off my tasks at the end of the day and it keeps my co-workers and me accountable for our assignments. It's been invaluable in creating our editorial calendar, which now spans several months. 

Latergramme: While I prefer to post to Instagram in real time, I like scheduling blog-related content in advance, especially since you can't schedule posts ahead of time. You upload the image and text, then set the time you'd like to publish. While it won't post the image for you, once you receive the notification, it's one swipe and you're done. 

Instacart: Though it's only available in a few metropolitan areas (for now), Instacart has become one of our favorite services. They provide local grocery delivery within hours and they also deliver from Costco, so if you don't have a membership but love buying in bulk, they've got you covered. 

Square Cash: There used to be a lot of back and forth when splitting the bill with friends. We’ve all signed up for Square Cash, which allows me to pay someone back in seconds. I just enter the amount and press send.

Balanced: This beautiful app is like a personal mental and physical health coach. For someone whose natural disposition is to be anxious, this app is a good reminder to take a break and check in with myself. I choose from the preset reminders to remind me to stretch, take a break, or drink more water. 

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite: I've been a Tweetdeck user well before Twitter purchased the app and it was the best social dashboard for managing a variety of platforms. Even though it no longer pulls in other social feeds, it's still a great Twitter tool. Lately, I've been favoring Hootsuite, because it aggregates everything into one place (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) which lets me communicate and share content much more easily.

Evernote - While it's often easier to jot down a note on a piece of paper, nothing beats this app for organizing all of my random ideas into a single location. But my favorite part is how it integrates with Google. I use the Chrome extension and web clipper to store and organize all digital receipts (instead of printing them), bookmarks and screenshots. Whenever I Google something, all of my relevant notes appear on the right side of the results, making my search much more tailored.

1Password - I hate creating and remembering new passwords and, like a lot of people, used to use the same one across multiple services. Obviously this isn't ideal, considering the increase in hacks across various businesses and services, so I let G talk me into some small level of protection. This app stores and/or creates logins for any site or app and only requires you to remember one password (hence the name) to access everything. It also works with TouchID on the iPhone, so accessing your data requires a finger print. It's probably the most responsible $50 I've spent this year. 

Dropcam -  I wasn't always keen on getting a video monitor for Sloan's nursery, but this small HD camera has been a great investment. It provides live streaming video/audio, but I love that you can set up recording zones to receive notifications if something happens in those specific areas. It also stores your clips in the cloud and works with any web-enabled device, so I don't need to carry around a separate monitor.

SevenLogics Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding App - An app that logs baby-related activity so that I don't have to rely on my sleep-deprived memory. You can input everything from feed times and quantities, to diapers used and sleep schedules, and formats it in an easy to read time table, so that you can start to recognize patterns and plan your day.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.