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The Statement Anklet

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With each season, my taste in jewelry changes. One day I can't get enough of big, bold necklaces while other times, all I want is something delicate and simple. Lately the idea of whisper-thin pieces has been most appealing, but it's made me realize that all of my larger necklaces are going unused. So, in celebration of the style that was seen all over the fall 2014 runways, I'm embracing the newest trend in jewelry: statement anklets. The designer renditions out now are expensive, so I repurposed my chunkiest necklaces and simply wrapped them around my ankles. Here are a few of my favorite looks. 


They punch up old pairs of shoes.


They make a fun, jingly noise while you walk.


Live in a cold climate? Don't worry - just throw them on over tights.


They add a bit of weight, so you can exercise your calves at the same time.


And lastly, they're versatile, so they can be worn with flats or heels.


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.