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The Real Story Behind My Surprise Bachelorette Party

And all of my thoughts on Love is Blind...
My reading pile, as of Sunday morning... 

My reading pile, as of Sunday morning... 

This past Saturday morning, Jonah was being super weird. And by that I mean, when I suggested we go out to get breakfast, or that I make us a batch of pancakes, he said he "wasn't hungry." After an unsatisfying coffee (sans pancakes, mind you), he said, "It's been a while since you've done your hair, right?" Yes, but why would I bother if all we're doing is staying in on a Saturday and denying ourselves brunch... A few minutes later, I received my answer when my best friends in L.A. literally busted into my apartment for a surprise bachelorette party. After throwing me into a DIY sweatband with a veil attached, we headed on a hike then into a day that was so hilarious I still laugh out loud at the memory of some of its more ridiculous and, yes, NSFW moments. You can catch some key moments on my Highlights and Instagram post, but I've included some other favorites here:

1. At brunch at Hamburger Mary's, which includes a drag show, a pipe burst and began pouring water over the tables on our side of the restaurant. We scoped out the emergency exits, then continued eating our burgers and sipping our mimosas as the water grew. They graciously comped our entire meal (we were, after all, being rained on and the structural integrity felt questionable at times), and most impressively the show continued uninterrupted

2. My friends all wore wigs, so we created alter-egos for each of us. I was Reno, naturally (in keeping with the loose Rodeo theme and my hometown), and my friend Alice really leaned into her Mrs. Jessica Iglesias look. It was hilarious to see all of my friends in their completely uncharacteristic looks.

3. [Redacted for my personal integrity]

Though I'd initially insisted I not have a Bachelorette party (hence the surprise/kidnapping) on the grounds that I'm not exactly a big drinker or the Vegas type, it was one of my favorite days. In the end, I realized a bach party has nothing to do with having a final yee-haw (again, Rodeo theme), but it is just another excuse to have a fantastic time with the women you love most. Here are some other things I loved this week:


Like most shows I watch, I streamed Love is Blind to be able to talk about it with my friends when it completely co-opted my text group's conversation. The concept is simple: Couples date the other contestants from behind a screen, then propose (if they feel moved) before ever seeing their beloved. By the time Episode One ended, in an engagement no less, I fully believed in soulmates, had formed charged opinions about every cast member, and couldn't press "Next episode" fast enough.

One of the things I appreciate most about Love is Blind, that I didn't realize I hated about The Bachelor until watching this show, is that the power dynamic between each couple is relatively equal (Jessica and Damian's emotional manipulation of their partners, aside) since one person isn't in it for a rose. And, while this may be ruined with the show's notoriety, it genuinely feels like each contestant is "there for the right reason" since the motivation for getting married at the end is love, not fame. Though it could be two episodes shorter, the season opens up a lot of interesting questions about partnerships, society expectations, and insecurities that make it a truly fascinating (and binge-worthy) show. 

P.S., Jessica's baby voice blows my mind, and has anyone else noticed the generic filler music they use for scene changes?? Scratch what I said about soulmates, those lyrics may be my favorite part of the show. 


I've adored Maren Morris since she released HERO, but a release of her concert schedule got me listening to her 2019 album GIRL on repeat. While it isn't an album I'd blast in my car (which HERO absolutely is), it's perfect for listening to at work or while hanging around the house. Favorites include All My Favorite People and Make Out With Me


Last week, I went to a happy hour event with Food52 at Pop-Up Grocer in Venice (which is heading to Austin next!) where I had a very happy, overdue reunion with coworkers and discovered so many fantastic, women-owned food brands including Phasey. Last year, I became interested in learning more about my period and researched the stages of it for the first time in my life, which is why Phasey immediately caught my attention. The brand creates "functional food for better periods," like a flax seed blend for phase 1 and 2 (a.k.a., menstrual and follicular) and to reduce cramps and mood swings. Is it gimmicky? Absolutely. Women have been thriving for centuries without branded period food, but I think drawing the connection between the food we put into our bodies and period symptoms is always a good thing—and this one comes in cute packaging

2 copy

1. This face lotion saved my skin last weekend in (the extremely dry, very cold) Park City, Utah, while skiing!

2. A fresh and interesting spin on "staying in" culture—I recommend reading it through!

3. Taylor's done it again people! I lost my mind at the end of this video. 

4. How to decipher sustainable fashion in 2020, and a great resource for finding Zero Food Print restaurants

5. I was really feeling this EARTHGANG album this week, which makes me feel much cooler than I am. 

6. What if your ex started dating Lady Gaga? (NYT)

7. A reader at our Burn60 event last week (hi, Allyson!) told me about this immersive opera experience in L.A. Just bought tickets!

8. The founder of Trader Joe's, a business created for the "overeducated and underpaid," passed away. (NYT)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.