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The One App That Makes Each of Our Lives Easier

Add to your home screen, ASAP.

As soon as the sentence, "There's an app for that," came into our lives, we started downloading them in droves—Candy Crush, Instagram, Shazam, and Uber all became a part of our routines, for better or for worse. Here are some of the lesser known apps that work to streamline our lives:

emily wunder.png

I've always bee a fan of handwriting lists, and while I still keep a notebook for my daily to-do lists, I started to use Wunderlist for all other household and personal tasks. One of my favorite features is that it allows you to create a joint list with another user. Geoffrey and I use it for errands and grocery lists so that when one of us has crossed something off, we both know it's been handled (and don't end up with double the bananas). 

scannable photo.png

Scannable by Evernote is one of those apps that I use way more than I expected to, but has become an essential part of my work process. Whether you need to make a pdf of a contract, scan a receipt, or make an image copy, the minimal interface and quick responsiveness makes turning paper into a digital file incredibly simple. Add in the fact that it connects to your Evernote account, and you now have a permanent and searchable database of everything you've collected, while being able to share that info with a single click. 

alina if this.png

If This Then That is such a simple idea, but it's endlessly helpful. Essentially, it links the apps on your phone and allows you to input equations like, "If I take a screenshot on my phone, save screenshots to a new folder in my Photos app," or "If the weather app says it's going to rain tomorrow, send me a push notification at 7 PM." There are limitless possibilities, especially in regards to managing social media—you can set it up so every time you Instagram a photo that you want to also post on Twitter, it posts a native version to Twitter rather than just the link. It's an enormously helpful time-saver.

rex app text slide.png

I constantly have several running lists of books to read, music to listen to, and things to watch (which I cull every week into "Leslie's List"!). I used to jot everything down in my "Notes" app, but it always felt messy and came back to haunt me when I bought a new phone this year and lost every list. When I came across the app, REX, it was a total "Why didn't I think of that??" moment. It provides a simple system for organizing to-do lists into a "vault," organized by category, like restaurants to try out, recipes to make, and places to visit . It's as if Pinterest, Pocket, and Evernote came together into one beautifully designed, streamlined app. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.