The Moment I Knew G Was the One

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A friend of mine, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, asked me when I knew G was the one. I think she assumed there was some monumental moment that made me realize I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. But in reality, it was a small gesture - a sweet gift that signified much more than what arrived in an unmarked box on a Monday afternoon.

G and I first met through work. He was my client at a separate agency, but I knew early on that he was someone with whom I could see myself. I had gotten out of a long-term relationship only a year earlier though, and wasn't sure if I was ready to settle down. But the more time we spent together as friends, the clearer it became that I was falling for him. Each morning when I got to work, I had an email waiting in my inbox titled, 'SOTD' ("song of the day"). And despite our very different taste in music, he'd listen to dozens of singer/songwriters to find one song he knew I'd like. This had made me realize how thoughtful he was, but the feeling was solidified by what came next. 

In early December (a few weeks before we started dating), I mentioned to him that I was always cold in my cubicle. The office usually hovered around 50°, which meant I was either wrapped in a blanket or a down vest while working. One morning I came in to find a package on my desk. I opened it up and inside was a little space heater. There was no card, but I knew who it was from.

It was that particular gift that made me realize I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Since we first met and ever since, G has been one of the most thoughtful people I've known. 

P.S. I downloaded most of the songs he sent me as part of my 'SOTD' and created a playlist called '2007.' I still listen to it and it's the sweetest reminder of what it felt like when we first started falling for each other "as friends."