The Moment I Knew Emily Was the One

It happened during a snow storm, in Los Angeles.
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It’s really hard to narrow down “THE” moment I knew I wanted to spend my life with Emily, since, truth-be-told, I knew it the second time I spent time with her. But since I’m forced to choose one (by the requirements of the blog post title), the decisive moment happened during a fake snow storm at The Grove. For those not familiar with Los Angeles, The Grove is a large outdoor mall, connected to the original Hollywood Farmers' Market, complete with a two-story trolley car that does laps down the middle of the mall roadway every 30 minutes, for no apparent reason. Anyway, the area is always busy with shoppers and during the holidays, they put on various shows and really lean into the decorations, usually showcasing the largest Christmas tree in the city.
We hadn’t officially started dating, but were spending so much time talking and working together, that our relationship had evolved to something very special. Emily covered the details of our first movie/date in this post, but what she left out was what happened right before we went into the theater. Christmas music began blaring across the mall and when the clock hit the top of the hour, the trolley pulled into the middle of road, packed with singers dressed in Edwardian holiday clothing, harmonizing carols and waving to the crowd. Suddenly, large chutes, attached to the street lamps, began pumping out fake snow which drifted across the open space, covering everything in a light coat of, what I think was, frozen shaved potato. I looked down at Emily and even though the faux romance of standing in a fake snowfall, in the middle of Hollywood, didn’t register as something I’d normally consider a memorable event, seeing the joy of the moment on her face made me realize this was someone who found happiness in simple things and I knew she would be with me for the rest of my life.