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A New Look for The List (And My New Favorite Workout Playlists and Bag...)

Plus 3 things our Editor is obsessed with right now.

Welcome to the new, and improved, List! It's hard to believe it's been nearly two years since I began writing my weekly 'The List' posts (here's the first), and a refresh felt long overdue—made all the more clear recently when I asked for your feedback. You responded in droves to my post on our Facebook community (thank you!), and this newest iteration is a direct result of your responses. The new List will keep the things you love (recipe/podcast/movie recommendations), minus the parts you didn't love (too L.A.-centric and too long). Each week, I'll be sharing a list of three to five things I'm obsessed with, unrestricted by categories. I'm so excited about this new take—especially since writing this column is one of my favorite things that I do each week—and I hope you love it too! Here's what I'm up to this week:


During last week's trip to Copenhagen, I don't think 20 minutes went by without either food or a beer in my hand. Inspired by Barrett Prendergast of Valleybrink Road (who you met last year here), I've been on a bit of a 'detox' since returning—no added sugar, gluten, refined sugar, or alcohol. I immediately went to Gwenyth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good (a favorite for healthy, weeknight cookies) for inspiration and found these Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. They take about 40 minutes to make, start to finish, and are packed with protein and arugula—they somehow stay together, too. Served over a bowl of quinoa with some additional sautéed arugula, they were delicious (plus, I just realized Barrett made them last week too. We're on the same wavelength this week!). 


Spend longer than five minutes at a newsstand, and you'll begin to recognize a few themes: There are more specialty magazines for knitters and golfers than any other group of people, Issa Rae is killing it (I counted three covers), and print is far from dead, when it comes to independent magazines at least. Some of the most interesting headlines and covers I noticed were on these magazines, of which there were hundreds (most of which are published in the UK). Here are a few of my favorites, with the magazines I highly suggest in bold:  

1. For the outdoor enthusiast and adventurer: Soigneur (cycling magazine), BESIDE Magazine, Sidetracked, The Surfer's Journalhappinez
2. For the interior designer: Apartamento ("an everyday interiors magazine")
3. For the fashion-obsessed: Monaco Madame (head's up, it's in French), Goop Magazine, Renaissance (features only models 40 and over, with great editorials), Wallpaper* (fashion, plus a little bit of everything), Phoenix Magazine
4. For the minimalist hipster: Kinfolk Magazine
5. For the women's lifestyle enthusiast: Oh Comely (favorite new discovery!), bitch media ("a feminist response to pop culture"), Brite Lite (a bi-annual magazine for teens I can actually get behind)
6. For the art-lover: Sewanee Review (great literary review), Art in America, Under the Radar ("the solution to music pollution")
7. For the home chef: Christopher Kimball's Milk Street


Launched earlier this summer, Cesta is a brand-new handbag line based out of New York, using baskets handwoven by female artisans in Rwanda. While I haven't yet purchased my own (I'm saving up!), I would probably keep it out on a shelf it's so pretty. Though Cesta makes my current favorite, I'm also admiring some similar options, like this one from Loeffler Randall, and this non-woven one from Cafune. This version from AAKS ($125) and this straw option ($48) are more budget-friendly, and I'm also loving other bags with similar subtle knots in the handle—especially heading into fall... 


I recently went to a spin class that had such fun music, I emailed the instructor the next day for the playlist, fully expecting him to respond that it was a trade secret. What I didn't expect was a fully organized profile, updated daily with each class he's teaching. While aggressively motivating outside of a gym setting, unless you're in this mood, his playlists are now what I reach for when I want to go for a sweat-drenched run (here's his class if you're in the L.A. area)! 

P.S., L.A. readers! I haven't forgotten about you... I'll include L.A. 'Do' recs here whenever I think you can't miss them. This Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert features some amazing artists, concerts on the Pier start this Friday, and I just bought tickets to two shows I've been waiting to come to L.A., Dear Evan Hansen and Come from Away, both at the Ahmanson Theater downtown!

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Hero image via Cesta Collective

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.