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Hello from Vietnam! (Not actually, I wrote this Thursday before leaving! Blog magic!) By now, I'm somewhere in the northern part of the country—maybe riding a motorcycle on Cát Bà Island? Jonah and I started in Hanoi on Saturday and are steadily working our way down the country to Ho Chi Minh City over the next two weeks, then finishing the trip with two nights in Bangkok, Thailand! Promise to write all about it as soon as I'm back! Until then, I've stockpiled some of my favorite things I've been up to recently: 

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So I'm actually heartbroken to be missing this event this weekend (though I'm sure I'll have plenty of bia hoi to sate my craving with), but the Waffles & Beer Festival is this weekend! In honor of the Swedish tradition, Waffle Day, Pershing Square is going to be taken over by waffle trucks and cold beer for a $5 admission fee. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

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In anticipation of Traveling with a Capital T (which, in this case, involves all the planes/trains/buses as well as sleeping a different place nearly every night for two weeks!) , I've been healthy food central, downing Zinc and all of the vitamin C, including these healthy creamsicle smoothies, which I made as a pick-me-up treat for Jonah and me after a marathon evening of packing. They're so simple I can't believe I haven't made something like them before, and since I haven't been eating added sugar, they felt like the ultimate indulgent dessert!

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I'm subscribed to a million newsletters which I then ruthlessly archive as soon as they hit my inbox, until the rare morning I have an extra few minutes to dive into them. One newsletter I look forward to and actually read "cover-to-cover" is The Newsette. Each morning, they deliver "Delightful, motivating, and inspiring content" to your inbox, which can range from celebrity culture news (Amy Schumer's secret wedding!) to an interview with the founder of Vintner's Daughter (another recent obsession of mine) on how she unwinds after a long day, and fashion industry news. It's like a little treat every morning! 

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I'm not sure why I put off watching The Good Place for so long since I pretty much consider Kristen Bell to be Buddha and Ted Danson to be my older, more handsome BFF, but I wrote it off from the trailer as being too cheesy. Turns out, it's my new favorite show—I watched the entire first season in a week, then downloaded the second to watch on the plane to Vietnam! It's laugh-out-loud funny (Jonah and I will pause the show so we can laugh and repeat funny lines, then laugh again. Side note: We are not fun people to watch TV with). It also has a twist I did not see coming. You can watch the entire first season on Netflix, and download the second from iTunes!

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I literally cannot stop listening to this 20-year-old Norwegian artist, Sigrid. Since coming across her video to 'Strangers' a few weeks ago, it's been pretty much the only thing playing in my apartment. She has a very Robyn vibe, and her songs are so catchy I'm actually happy they're stuck in my head. P.S., I've been collecting my favorite songs I've come across this year in this playlist, if you're interested in following!