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The List: What to Do This Week

Our Editor's guide to the best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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Happy Monday! Feeling tired, but happy, after a packed weekend with family in San Diego where we coffee shop-hopped, checked out the new Mikkeller tap room in Little Italy, ate way too much fried chicken at Crack Shack (note: Is that even possible?), and stayed up way past my bedtime catching up with friends and family! Heading into an equally packed week, that includes a fun editorial field trip today, seeing the musical Waitress at the Pantages (have you seen it?), and a fiction writing group with friends. Here's what else I'm up to this week:

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Look closer... this entire grocery store is made of felt!

Look closer... this entire grocery store is made of felt!

The Standard Hotel downtown recently opened a supermarket with one noticeable catch—none of the food is edible. Sparrow Mart is an art exhibit stocked with over 31,000 food items, all of which are handmade from felt and for sale, from a fully stocked sushi bar, to a frozen aisle, and canned goods. While you're downtown, check out Beyond the Streets, an exhibit of street art and graffiti. If you aren't feeling the art scene, consider attending a mixology class this Saturday, featuring tequila cocktails. Cheers!

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One of my first post-college jobs was as an editorial intern for the New York-based website, Tasting Table. In addition to introducing me to a team of my still-favorite food writers (Tejal Rao! Karen Palmer! Adam Sachs!) and giving me my first editorial assignment (to try nearly 100 fried chicken spots in New York), it also provided me with access to a test kitchen that churned out countless incredible dishes, lead by the super-talented Andy Baraghani, and shaped the way I cook now. Their more recent recipes are no exception, like this 'Spicy Tahini & Avocado Soba.' It's surprising that such a delicious and beautiful dish can come together with ingredients I already had in my pantry and refrigerator, but the fact that this dish doesn't require a grocery store run (I almost always have avocados and spinach on hand) makes it all the more appealing. Find the full recipe here

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Living in the bubble that is L.A. means that the first time I listened to this The Daily episode about the opiod crisis, I was astounded to learn that what I considered to be a fringe albeit growing drug issue is a full-blown epidemic that's nearly as lethal as AIDS was at its peak. Since then, I've been reading more of the coverage by reporter Beth Macy, including this profile on a young woman who died from an overdose a few weeks ago, and an advance copy of her new book, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America (which comes out Tuesday). It's a heartbreaking, but fascinating read that places the blame on drug manufacturers and humanizes addicts, while covering the trajectory of the crisis that's killed hundreds of thousands of people (and shows no signs of slowing). 

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I fell in love with Hugh Grant the moment he said "Oopsie Daisy" in Notting Hill, a love affair that would last through About a Boy, Two Weeks(') Notice, and Love Actually (though, admittedly, mostly directed at his fictional characters after we learned his real life self may not be as charming as William Thacker...). After a few years of keeping under-the-radar, he's back in a BBC mini-series, A Very English Scandal, which was reason enough for me to immediately stream it, even more-so since it's available on Amazon Prime. I devoured it quicker than the Queen eats a plate of crumpets, as they (don't actually) say in England.

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Hello, my name is Leslie and I'm addicted to the Dirty Projector's new album. The album features songs that are balanced and span genres, like the distorted bass that's broken up by chipper guitar chords in Break-Thru, and the big band horns that dissolve into synthesized piano in I Feel Energy (featuring another favorite, Amber Mark). I've taken to listening to it first thing while I get ready, since it's gentle enough for the early morning, but with just enough kick to get me excited for my day (see? Everything in balance). 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.