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The List: What to Do This Week

Our Editor's guide to the best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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What. A. Weekend! After two weeks of travel, this weekend was packed with reunions! It started with a sleepover with girlfriends on Saturday night, followed by brunch with family, dinner and a movie with the couple who inspired our Vietnam trip, an editorial team field trip to Rose Bowl Flea Market, and an afternoon with my brand-new baby cousin! Kind of makes my head spin thinking about it (and I could definitely use a weekend from that weekend!), but I feel so lucky to return to a city filled with so many people I love! This weekend, I'm heading to Palm Springs—my friends and Jonah are going to Coachella while I'm planning on soaking up the sun by the pool! It really feels like summer came early this year! Here's what else I'm up to this week: 

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So many things happening this week and weekend in L.A. (even if you aren't going to Coachella, which it feels like the entire city is talking about!). This weekend, Well and Good is hosting an early Earth Day celebration, with a trash pick-up and meditative hike. You can sign up here!

Tomorrow our new Associate Editor, Marilynn (who you may have caught in last week's Story on @shopcupcakesandcashmere!), and I are attending a conversation at The LINE on California cuisine and the impact #MeToo has had in the restaurant industry, hosted by The New York Times. I'm incredibly excited to see women I've long admired, including Melissa Clark and Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, in the panel. Tickets are still available here ($25 for GA, $15 for NYT subscribers)!

The Brentwood Country Mart, which is already home to some of my all-time favorite stores like Goop and Jenny Kane, just got better (and a little more dangerous for my wallet). This week and next Doen is hosting a pop-up shop there! P.S., If you go, you may recognize the first-ever C&C employee Phoebe there, who pretty much wears a million hats at the dreamy, cult-favorite L.A. brand

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I can't believe I'm recommending seafood so soon after last week's, erm, squid adventure... but these are just that good! Since I've hardly had any time for cooking, let alone meal planning, I gathered an arsenal of super quick and easy recipes—frozen scallops being a new favorite. I've taken to keeping bags in the freezer, which sauté in about two minutes (we used this recipe, with double the butter), and we served them over sautéed cauliflower rice and broccoli slaw! Easy, healthy, and so delicious!

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As soon as Jonah finished Smile by Roddy Doyle in one train ride during our Vietnam trip, he insisted, "I need you to read this so we can talk about the ending!" Now I'm asking the same of anyone who will listen. The novel, written as a nonfiction memoir by the protagonist (not to be confused with a nonfiction memoir that's actually a novel), follows one man's internal struggle / soul search after a divorce. Along the way, similar to Jude in A Little Life, he struggles to accept the sexual assault he endured as a child. And, without giving anything away, we need to talk about the ending! 

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After watching my first Wes Anderson film a month ago, I've completely jumped on the Darjeeling Limited train, so to speak... this weekend, I joined friends to see his latest film Isle of Dogs. While a stop-motion film starring dogs as the title role has all the markings of a children's film, it's definitely not that—it's gritty, violent, complicated, and incredibly funny at moments. What I loved most about it is how Anderson's frames are so exact in his films— this gives him the opportunity to create a movie exactly the way he wants it to look, in an alternate universe with cat-loving villains and highly-intelligent, organized dogs. 

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After talking to my friend Leigh about my slight obsession with the How I Built This podcast, she recommended the podcast Masters of Scale, hosted by the co-founder of LinkedIn! As head of marketing Quilt (we met after I attended my first one and loved it!), building a startup is especially relevant to her, but I found that I still really enjoyed it. It's chock-full of smart business practices anyone, especially those working at small companies, can benefit from learning about! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.