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Our Editor's guide to the best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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This weekend, I headed to Palm Springs with friends to (not) go to Coachella—they attended the festival; I soaked up the sun with girlfriends from the house we rented! I definitely experienced some FOMO when they came back from Beyoncé, but also reveled in my relaxed weekend. I coffee shop-hopped while my friends slept off their evenings, laughed till my stomach hurt, and caught up with the 'chella crew about all their adventures in between. Pretty exhausted from driving back at 5 this morning, but also feeling invigorated and excited for the Cupcakes and Cashmere's 10 Year Anniversary Party this Wednesday! So much planning has gone into the party and it's going to be an amazing night. Hope to see many of you there, and keep a look out on our team Instagram for some last-minute ticket giveaways! ;) 

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Ten Year Anniversary Party aside (can you tell we're excited??)... This weekend The Renegade Craft Fair is coming to Los Angeles! I've never been but our graphic designer Hannah swears by it for discovering local makers and artists, so we'll be heading there this weekend!

Also! A few months ago, I hosted a Coffee + Chat with Quilt and had so much fun, I'm hosting another one next week! While it booked up pretty quickly, they released a few more tickets this morning in case any of you want to join! This month's conversation theme is all about journeys. 

And for all my foodies... have you checked out the Food and Wine best restaurants list yet? I was thrilled to see one of my favorites on it, a Filippino spot in Chinatown, Lasa, that's flown mostly under the radar until now! 

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When my mom emailed me this recipe with the subject line, "The violence in this recipe is hilarious," I wasn't entirely sure what to expect and prepared myself for the worst (she's a fearless chef) as I clicked into the link. To my immediate relief, the violence was against cucumbers ("Give them a couple angry thwaps with the side of a cleaver.") and actually looked promising! I filed it away, and pulled it back out this weekend in Palm Springs, in search of an easy salad to prepare for the group to go with lunch. Even improvising with rice wine vinegar instead of Chinkiang vinegar, it was delicious and reminded me of one of my favorite salads in New York, the smashed cucumber salad at Xi'an Famous Foods. While it'd probably pair better with Dan Dan Noodles, it hit the spot with burgers. 

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One of my favorite parts about my job are the people it gives me an excuse to reach out to and build relationships with. In addition to readers who have become lifelong friends, I’ve also had some of the most interesting conversations with the makers we carry in our Shop (like Tessa Tran of Milo House), women at companies I’m passionate about (like ladies of Quilt!), and contributors (a Skype conversation with our finance contributor Erica Gellerman, who lives in London, had me smiling for days!). Last week, I hopped on the phone with Kate McLeod—I had recently come across her “Daily Stone” (which I featured in an Our World), and wanted to talk to her about doing a DIY for us (more on that later!). Thirty minutes later, I felt like we’d been talking for two minutes—and had to cut the call short only because I had to head into another meeting. At one point in the conversation, she said, “My husband and I were separated for eight years, but got married in February!” to which I said, “Wait, what?” She told me the short story, then pointed me towards a Modern Love article written about it! Aside from being the real-life version of one of my favorite movies, Before Sunrise, it's a heart-warming and unbelievable story that will reignite anyone's belief in love. Read the full story here!

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Last week, our ed team went to a screening of the upcoming Amy Schumer movie I Feel Pretty and loved it! I laughed out loud no fewer than ten times and appreciated the message, encapsulated in a speech Amy's character Renée gives, "Remember when we were little girls who would run around with our tummies out and pick wedgies? Where did that confidence go??" It comes out this Friday and is the perfect movie for a girls' night! 

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I've always had a soft spot for all things Katie Couric (who doesn't??) and her podcast is no exception. There's something almost calming about hearing her voice after a long day! She's incredibly approachable, funny, and smart. Her interview with Amy Schumer had me laughing within the first two minutes and her recent "Wonder Woman" series is incredibly inspiring, particularly her chat with total badass Cecile Richards!

P.S., I recently mentioned the band Overcoats who put together a "Springtime in L.A." playlist for Cupcakes and Cashmere readers! You can listen to the entire thing here. Here's what they said about it:

Here are some of our favorite songs to listen to when the sun is shining! Springtime is the best, especially in L.A. People are coming back out of their shells, the weather is amazing, and there are so many fun things to do. These are things that we've been listening to on our long drives, while putting our makeup on, and hanging at the beach.