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The List: This Is The Fall Pie You've Been Looking For

Plus what to read and listen to while it bakes.

I took this weekend off, and by that I mean I went into it with absolutely zero plans! I'm a planner—I like to know exactly what I'm doing and when I'm doing it—so approaching a weekend with nothing set felt a bit like falling into a black hole (okay, I know that's hyperbolic, but #plansarelyfe for me). It turns out, I love black holes (at least this metaphorical kind). After an impromptu brunch with friends in Santa Monica, we spent the day floating from one place to another, until we separately ran into three friends and took it as a sign to host a spontaneous dinner party. Sunday was for hibernating—we baked a pie, read books, watched TV, and I didn't change out of my pajamas or step outside once. It was so blissful, I just might make plans to not make plans next weekend. Here's what else I loved this week:


Let's start with an admission: I never read the powerful, viral statement released from the anonymous woman we only knew then as "Brock Turner's victim.' I opened it in a new tab and clicked onto it maybe a thousand times, but never quite made it past the introduction for whatever reason. Still, when the victim—who we now know is Chanel Miller—released her memoir Know My Name last week, I immediately requested a copy. The memoir tells the story from "Emily Doe's" perspective, giving powerful context to what it means to be a survivor and tell your story publicly. Like her speech—which I've finally read—it's powerful and impactful, but also emotional, illuminating, and rightfully angry. 


I've listened to Hiss Golden Messenger passively for years, but it wasn't until my Sonos recommended I listen to his new album 'Terms of Surrender' that he made it into my primary queue. The album is catchy and upbeat, but still perfect for playing at home on a Sunday when you're spending the day baking pie, for instance...


At first glance, The New Pie cookbook is not for those easily intimidated by baking (🙋‍♀️). It includes techniques that basically require a chemistry lab to perform, from sous vide to immersion circulators, but this scientific precision also yields some of the best pies I've ever eaten. Over the weekend, Jonah spent two days making the Spiced Cider Apple Pie, which is among the "easier" pies in the book but still involves blending dried fruits with spices, then pre-baking two different types of apples into nearly a sauce, before baking it in a somewhat complicated-to-form crust. It was clear his not insignificant efforts were worth it from the moment I had my first slice. As delicious as it was on a lazy Sunday, this is one you can whip out anytime you're baking to impress this fall or holiday season. Here's a link to the cookbook!


Phoebe Waller-Bridge's one-woman show Fleabag, which inspired the series, is being shown in theaters for a limited time (if you can't make it to London to see it live)! I recently purchased tickets to see it in November here, but act fast. They sold out so quickly, I missed it the first time it came to (movie) theaters. 

Speaking of theater, and if you live in L.A... I've become the number one fan of the Pasadena Playhouse, so much so that I've made it a tradition to see every show they put on with two girlfriends (we've now attended four in a row!). They're currently performing one of my all-time favorites, Little Shop of Horrors, starring Mj Rodriguez as Audrey. As a note, I always purchase my tickets on Goldstar (after a reader told me about it) since they're even less expensive than season tickets. Speaking of which, Little Shop just opened for an off-Broadway revival starring Jonathon Groff as Seymour. If you live anywhere close to New York, do yourself a favor and go see it (but don't feed the plants)! 

If you aren't into musicals... Pop Up Magazine is touring again, with their first themed show, 'Escape'! I saw it last week in L.A., but you can still catch it if you're in New York or Chicago. Sign up for their newsletter so you don't miss the next one—I promise you'll love it.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.