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The List: The Squash Salad You Need to Make ASAP (Plus Julia Roberts' New Show)

Plus 4 things our Editor is obsessed with this week.

Typing this from a plane bound for Los Angeles—a bit sleep-deprived, but content from a weekend spent with family and completely excited for this week (did you see the news this morning about the Shop launch??). I was in Milwaukee visiting Jonah's family and, despite our best intentions and your fantastic recommendations in response to our newsletter, we barely saw the city. On Friday night, we stayed up till 4 AM catching up (his 99-year-old grandmother included), then did the exact same thing all day Saturday, with breaks for rich meals bookended by frozen custard. Luckily, I had the two hour time difference and Daylight Saving Time on my side, but I'm looking forward to re-acclimating to my usual 9 P.M. bedtime this week, as well as enjoying a vegetable, or two (I really leaned into the white, starchy, sugary goodness this weekend). Have a great week! 

P.S., I'm sure you don't need another reminder that today is Election Day, but I can't help myself. You know the deal: Vote!


On Halloween, I went to a friend's house to hand out candy—but the Reese's and Twix were totally upstaged by the incredible squash salad she served. First of all, the squash is roasted with turmeric and pumpkin pie spice so her entire apartment smelled like fall, and the sweet, Maillard-ed (really, why isn't this a verb yet?) bits of squash were addictive. I kept sneaking into the kitchen to steal bites off of the baking sheet before they'd been tossed with arugula, shredded rotisserie chicken, hazelnuts, and orange vinaigrette (luckily we have a friendship where this is acceptable behavior). The salad is my friend's twist on this Kelly LeVeque recipe, with a few tweaks: she used just turmeric, pumpkin pie spice, and salt (no coconut sugar or nutmeg) to spice the delicata squash, and left out the cucumber.

, The squash is also good enough to eat for dessert or breakfast! She texted me the next morning to remind me, "You HAVE to make that squash with yogurt and almond butter. It's soooo good." 


Early last year, I binge-listened to Gimlet media's fictional podcast, Homecoming, about a military veteran and his government-assigned therapist (which I wrote about here and here). Last week, Amazon Studios brought it to life in a series starring Julia Roberts that gives visuals to the bone-chilling story the podcast introduced. You can watch all episodes here


It sometimes feels like every week brings a new article containing information about a devastating blow to the climate: We had the opportunity to reverse it in the 1980s but didn't, oceans are warming faster than we thought, the UK's heatwaves are lasting twice as long as 50 years ago (!). Anytime I feel overwhelmed about the state of the world, I try to be proactive—which is how I came across Slice. Slice matches people with projects, companies, and campaigns "tackling the most pressing global challenges of our time," both paid and volunteer. Just create a profile, they'll email you with your matches, and you're off to save the world!


I've always felt a bit divided on the email newsletter, TheSkimm. On the one hand, it delivers important news to your inbox in a concise, morning-rush-friendly way. On the other, it can feel more than a little condescending to women, relating politics to brunch and boyfriends in their effort to make news a bit more digestible for millennial women (which is why I finally unsubscribed last year). But no matter how you feel about it, it's worth paying attention to, as this recent New York Magazine piece pointed out: They have over seven million subscribers, and their writers are being poached to work at the New York Times. After reading the piece, I'll be re-subscribing, but the second they compare Kim Jong-un to a jealous boyfriend, I'm out. What do you think? Is TheSkimm feminist or condescending? 

P.S., If you live in L.A.... the Vulture Festival is coming up. You can find tickets here! And this weekend is the Los Angeles Coffee Festival. #caffeinefordays

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.