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The List: The Movie I Can't Get Out of My Head and Elevated Edibles

Plus 2-ingredient Paleo pancakes.

When it rains, it pours! After a relatively slow summer, Jonah and I are in the final stretch of a marathon of five weekends spent out of town. After a weekend wedding, a trip to San Diego to visit family, a girls' trip, and a long weekend in Milwaukee to visit Jonah's grandmother, we just have one trip left this upcoming weekend, ending with a literal (half) marathon! We're renting a house in Monterey so that my friend Alice Ann and I can run a half marathon together. The only problem with this flawless plan? Neither of us have trained at all. While I exercise often, I haven't gone for an actual run in, oh, a year? Not that I recommend you try this at home, but I'm as excited to jog (hobble) the beautiful course, cheered on by some of our best friends, as I am to do absolutely nothing the following weekend. Here's what else I'm loving this week:


When Jonah saw the Korean film Parasite, winner of the Cannes Palme d'Or, by himself, he loved it so much he bought tickets for the two of us to go the following week. In it, a poor Korean family cons their way into working in the home of an incredibly wealthy family. I really hesitate to say anything else because I don't want to give anything away, but things go nuts from there. While it isn't a "scary" movie, it is incredibly suspenseful, with moments of irreverent humor to break up the tension. After the movie, I found myself craving Korean food so much that we drove straight to Beverly Soon Tofu, where we split a combo plate over a bottle of Korean Rice Wine. The date was such a success, we decided to trade-off planning dates every week, with the sole requirement that they push us out of our comfort zone, as a foreign film and dinner from a cuisine we rarely cook from did. First date coming next week! 

P.S., I felt so inspired by Parasite that I decided to look up previous winners of the Cannes Palme d'Or. I'm considering working my way backward through this list!


When weed became legal in Los Angeles, it felt a bit like turning 21 again. I wanted to try everything for the simple reason, "Because I can!" In the past year, I've become much more selective about the THC I take, similar to the realization I had around alcohol (the rice wine I had at Korean was a rare exception!). These days, I never smoke and know exactly how much is the right dose for me when it comes to edibles (somewhere around 3 mg, even though a suggested dose can be as much as 10 mg!!). In Los Angeles, dispensaries range from the exceedingly bro-y (hello, Med Men) to the dingy, but I recently discovered a dispensary I actually want to shop at, The Pottery, and a THC product I actually want to ingest. At a recent dinner party, I listed the options from my bar cart—gin, tequila, two brands of 'euphorics' (Kin and Three Spirit), but also the THC-infused drink styled after an Italian aperitif, Artet. A single serving of Artet contains 2.3 mg of THC, so a drink is just enough for me to feel a slight buzz, and feels significantly classier than offering a weed gummy to guests. I served a glass with sparkling water and the juice from half a lemon and loved the slight buzz it gave me, all without a hangover the next day.


I knew it was a good sign when I put Los Angeles singer-songwriter Eva B. Ross on my Spotify, at the recommendation of a friend, and her song, Subliminal, sampled one of my favorite Zombies songs. Her music reminds me of the low-key indie music I loved in high school, like Camera Obscura, Belle & Sebastian, and Elliot Smith. Her first EP, Playlist for the Apocalypse, came out in late October, and I've been listening to it the past few mornings as I get ready.


When friends evacuated to our apartment last week from the Getty Fire, we were deciding what to make for breakfast when one asked if I'd ever had banana-egg pancakes. She practically pushed me out of the kitchen when I responded I hadn't and set about mashing equal-parts banana and eggs together in a large bowl (one egg to one banana) and adding a sprinkle of cinnamon in. She fried them up as you would regular pancakes, in some coconut oil, and served them alongside a jar of nut butter. I was amazed—the two-ingredient pancakes not only looked exactly like pancakes but tasted just as delicious! The sugar from the banana meant they were sweet enough that I didn't have to add any syrup; I just swiped some peanut butter on top for some extra fat and protein! Because we have two bananas past their due date at home, I'm planning on making two servings of pancakes tonight, and freezing them for a day I'm running out the door. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.